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Faculty in Focus

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For over 30 years, Bill and his wife, Lori, have worked as linguists with Wycliffe. During that time, they’ve lived in the Philippines, Republic of the Congo, Mozambique and Kenya, and this past September they joined our team of faculty at CanIL.

I often tell folks I meet: “I studied electrical engineering, and it led me directly into Bible translation.” After they chuckle, I go on to say that I am only half joking. Although the two fields aren’t normally thought of as compatible, the skills I learned in engineering, e.g. how to analyze systems and use computers, have benefited me greatly in my linguistic work. If you can think like an engineer, you can think like a linguist.


Surveying the Top of the World

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    A 2013 CanIL alumnus shared this video, which was filmed during her first (and her colleague's final) language survey trip in South East Asia. We enjoyed it so much, we asked for permission to share it. Enjoy!