P. David Jeffery
Vice President of Academic Affairs; Chair of the Undergraduate Linguistics Department

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M.A. Linguistics, 2002, U. of Pittsburgh
B.A. History, 1980, U. of Waterloo
B.Th. 1979, Tyndale University College (Ontario Bible College)

Current position at CanIL:

Director of Academic Affairs

Other Experience:

May 2007-present: Director of Academic Affairs at CanIL.
August 2006-present: Teacher at CanIL.
Sept 2002-June 2006: Teacher at Payap University in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Helped train graduate students for language development work in SE Asia. Also served as Mobilization Coordinator, facilitating nationals to enroll in advanced training programs.
1999-Sept 2002: Training Coordinator in west Asia. Helped to establish a training program for minority language development workers. Assisted course developers, taught sociolinguistics, various administrative responsibilities.
1993-1999: Group Director for SIL International in west Asia.
1992 Taught introductory Grammar course, September-December, University of Texas at Arlington, Texas, USA.
1990-1992: Studied in the graduate linguistics program at University of Pittsburgh
1987-1990: Worked in west Asia with SIL International. Completed national language learning, then worked in a minority language development project.
1985-present: Member of Wycliffe Bible Translators Canada/SIL International.
1984-1986: University of Texas at Arlington (graduate linguistics studies)
1979-1980: University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
1975-1979: Tyndale University College (Ontario Bible College), Toronto, Canada

Research interests:

Sociolinguistics (with focus on Asia and Canada), South and Southeast Asian languages


2006 The social stratification of Standard Thai accents in Chiang Mai. Research No. 208. Chiang Mai: Linguistics Department, Payap University.
2003 Review of Rahman, Language, Education and Culture. Dallas: SIL Electronic book reviews.
1998 Sindh Survey Month. Unpublished ms.
1992 Null pronominals in Marwari Bhil. M.A. Thesis, University of Pittsburgh.
1992 Book notice on Quakenbush, Language use and proficiency in a multilingual setting: a sociolinguistic survey of Agutaynen speakers in Palawan, Philippines. Language 66 (3): 663-664.
1990 Marwari Bhil dialect survey. Unpublished ms. 


Fluent in Urdu.
Limited spoken Thai.
Some New Testament Greek.


LING 483 Language Program Design & Management
LING 210 Language and Society
LING-LIN 583 Language Program Design & Management



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