Master of Applied Linguistics and Exegesis

The Master of Applied Linguistics and Exegesis (MLE) - This specialized graduate degree program is designed to provide a thorough knowledge of the techniques of applied linguistics and interpretation of biblical texts. This degree focuses on Bible translation or literacy in the ministry context. The program is offered by ACTS Seminaries in cooperation with the Canada Institute of Linguistics. Further information including an application form may be obtained here.

General Program Description

Faculty involved in this program are PhD level in the two major areas of the degree, with extensive experience in church or mission fieldwork ministry. In addition, in the Applied Linguistics area, there is a corps of gifted and committed instructors at the MA level who have extensive hands-on experience in Applied Linguistics, computer applications, literacy, community development, and Bible translation in languages around the world.

The program may be completed in two years of full time study, provided that there are not additional requirements of prerequisite courses or thesis research.


The Bottom Line

How Long is the Program?

2 years, but most students opt to spread it out over 5 semesters

How Many Semester Hours?


What is the Current Cost per Semester Hour?


How Much Does an Average Semester Cost?

$$4,050 (9 semester hours)

How Much Financial Aid Is Available?

CanIL Financial Aid: $3,000 Entrance Scholarship, average of $1,500 in Beyond Price Bursary funds per semester, $3,000 Vision 2025 Scholarship, Church Matching Grant

Also see ACTS Financial Aid.


FAQ for the MLE (pdf)