Master of Arts in Linguistics

The MA in Linguistics program at Trinity Western University is a two year graduate academic program that is strongly oriented towards field work. The support and involvement of the Canada Institute of Linguistics enhances this degree program, providing one of the finest field oriented programs in North America and a faculty rich in field experience and expertise. Graduates are prepared to integrate scholarship with service to language communities worldwide, analyzing and describing the linguistic structures of languages and putting previously unwritten languages into writing.  The program emphasizes practical linguistic analysis in the development of language programs in roles such as language revitalization, orthography development, literacy program development, and translation. Graduates are also prepared to publish research findings in academic journals, pursue ongoing professional development, enter doctoral programs, and integrate their faith with their work.


The Bottom Line

How Long is the Program?

2 years*

How Many Semester Hours?


What is the Current Cost per Semester Hour?


How Much Does an Average Semester Cost?

$4,815 (9 semester hours)

How Much Financial Aid Is Available?

CanIL Financial Aid: $3,000 Entrance Scholarship, average of $1,500 in Beyond Price Bursary funds per semester, $3,000 Vision 2025 Scholarship, Church Matching Grant


*The MA Ling program may be completed in two years of full time study, provided that there are not additional requirements of prerequisite courses or thesis research.