Bachelor of Arts in Applied Linguistics

Courses offered by the Canada Institute of Linguistics are designed to teach skills necessary for learning and describing unwritten languages for literacy work and for translation. These courses deal with the general principles basic to all languages, and are illustrated by material from languages of Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and the Americas. The qualified graduate is prepared to face any language, even though there may not be any literature written in or about it. This program parallels SIL courses taught presently in Australia, England, France, Germany, Japan and the United States, but certain attractive innovations in the training are unique to CanIL.

Students can earn a Bachelor's degree at Trinity Western University with a Minor in Linguistics (with or without a TESOL Certificate), a Major in Linguistics (with or without a TESOL Certificate), or a TESOL Certificate.


The Bottom Line

How Long is the Program?

4 years

How Many Semester Hours?

122 (42 Ling)

What is the Current Cost per Semester Hour?


How Much Does an Average Semester Cost?

$11,130 (15 semester hours)

How Much Financial Aid Is Available?

TWU Financial Aid: average of $5,400/year

CanIL Financial Aid: average of $1,500 in Beyond Price Bursary funds per semester in which at least 3 CanIL courses are taken, $3,000 Vision 2025 Scholarship, eligible for up to $12,000 from the Church Matching Grant.