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LING 470 Language and Culture Acquisition: Theory & Praxis (3 Sem. Hrs.)

Note Feb 2012: A summer version of this course for new linguistics students or non-linguists is being planned. There will likely not be any prerequisites but it will have a co-requisite of LING 310 Articulatory Phonetics

This course introduces students to theories of second language and second culture acquisition. Students develop and evaluate self-directed strategies based on personal learning styles. Practical experience in the above topics is gained by working with a speaker of a non Indo-European language.

NB: LING 460 and 480 are recommended in same semester.
LING 360 Grammatical Analysis
LING 330 Phonological Analysis
LING 310 Articulatory Phonetics
LING 210 Language and Society

Fall Syllabus