At CanIL, while imparting excellent training and applicable skills to our students, our staff and family relate more like a family than a bunch of instructors. We love sharing our linguistic knowledge and cross-cultural life experiences with those around us. Find out interesting facts about each of us by clicking on our pictures.


Dr. Danny Foster


Education 2012-2020. PhD, Education, University of Bristol, U.K. 1999-2003. Masters of Applied Linguistics & Exegesis, Trinity Western University – ACTS Seminary 2001-2002. Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language Certificate, Trinity Western University 1988-1992. Bachelor of Theology, Master’s College and Seminary Professional Experience 2014-present. President, Canada Institute of Linguistics 2012-present. Doctoral Researcher at University […]

Ken Creech

Vice President of Administration

Ken enjoys working with talented staff, faculty and students fulfilling the Great Commission through Bible Translation ministries. He is a generalist and enjoys working with people, technical things, music, and systems.  His background in Engineering helps him see connections, and he loves puzzles of all kinds, particularly ones which involve people. Ken worked in industry […]

Dr. Doug Trick

Vice President of Academic Affairs

D.Min. Bible Translation, Gordon-Conwell Seminary; M.A. Linguistics, University of Texas at Arlington; B.R.E., Providence College.

Alistair Jackson

Vice President of Development, Director of CanIL Launch

Alistair came to Canada, from Scotland, at age 10. After high school, he attended Bible school and became a missionary in France, thereby realizing an unfulfilled dream of his grandmother. Living in France yielded a deep interest in worldview and linguistics, and eventually a passion for teaching French in Canada. Alistair went on to graduate […]

Larry Hayashi

Director of Community Life

Larry counts it a privilege to work with highly motivated young people who want to serve in a variety of language development roles around the world. His interest in linguistics was sparked while studying biology. He found the two fields very similar in terms of their examination of form or structure, and the functions of those structures. […]

Dr. Paul Arsenault

Director of CanIL Tyndale Program

Education 2012. PhD, University of Toronto 2002. M.A., University of Hyderabad, India 1998. SIL Linguistic Training, Trinity Western University 1995. B.Th., Eastern Pentecostal Bible College Area of Specialization Phonology, Phonetics, Morphology and South Asian languages Dr. Arsenault has worked as a linguist with SIL International and its partner agencies since 1997. He has lived and traveled […]

Anita Lebold

Director of Strategic Enrolment Management

Anita professes to have the best job at CanIL! Not only does she get to interact with the most amazing, motivated, and passionate prospective students in the world, she gets to introduce them to the rest of the CanIL family. Anita counts it a joy to work with students from the moment they express interest […]

Doug Rintoul

Director of Strategic Data and Technology Services

Doug and his wife Cindy began working with Wycliffe Bible Translators as short-term assistants in 1987. They served a four year term in the Philippines from 1998 to 1992. In 1992, they became members of Wycliffe, returning to the Philippines in 1993, where Doug served as Manager of Software Development and Training. Since 2002, Doug […]

Teaching Faculty and Research

Lezlie Allison

Instructor in Linguistics

Lezlie and her husband Sean have been members of Wycliffe Bible Translators and SIL since 1995. They are involved in a Bible translation project in Africa to an unreached people group. They have four children – two in university and two in middle school. They love being part of the CanIL community and having the […]

Dr. Sean Allison

MA Linguistics Program Director, Associate Professor of Linguistics

Sean, and his wife Lezlie, have been members of Wycliffe Bible Translators and SIL since 1995. They are involved in a Bible translation project in Africa to an unreached people group. They have two adult children and two in high school. Sean began teaching at Canada Institute of Linguistics (CanIL) in 2012. Sean’s domain of […]

Dr. Paul Arsenault

CanIL Tyndale Program Director, Assistant Professor of Linguistics

Dr. Arsenault has worked as a linguist with SIL International and its partner agencies since 1997. He has lived and traveled extensively in South Asia doing language research, teaching linguistics and providing consultant support to non-governmental organizations involved in literacy, translation and other language development projects. Education 2002. Ph.D., University of Toronto 2002. M.A., University […]

Dana Barrett

Instructor in Linguistics

Dana is originally from Jamaica and grew up in a strong Christian home. She made a personal commitment to follow Christ at the age of 11 and this laid the foundation for what God would later have in store for her in ministry at Wycliffe Bible Translators and CanIL. Dana is passionate about teaching and […]

Dr. Rod Casali

Professor of Linguistics

Rod hails from New England, but grew up in Massachusetts, north of Boston. He met his wife, Ellen, while in the Buffalo area in 1980. They were married in 1981 and have three adult children and three grandchildren. Rod and Ellen have worked with Wycliffe Bible translators and SIL in various roles (language analysis and […]

Wanda Davies

Instructor in Linguistics

Wanda’s career with Wycliffe Bible Translators began in Mexico over 50 years ago! After 10 years involvement in a language development program in a Chinantec language, Wanda earned her M.A. in Linguistics from the University of Texas at Arlington. After that, she transferred to the new work in Sudan and spent 28 years with the […]

Dr. William Gardner

Assistant Professor of Linguistics at Tyndale

Bill has lived almost half of his life outside of North America. He became a Christian during high school in the Philippines through a Baptist missionary after having read C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity. He initially studied Electrical Engineering at university, then worked for five years with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. It was during this time that he […]

Lori Gardner

Instructor in Linguistics at Tyndale

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Dr. James Hafford

Assistant Professor of Linguistics

James and his wife, Lois, joined Wycliffe and began a New Testament translation in 1995 among the Wuvulu people of Papua New Guinea (PNG).  In parallel with the translation work, James started vernacular schools, and conducted workshops on orthography, grammar, lexicography, and literacy. The translation team dedicated the Wuvulu New Testament in 2005, with Prime Minister […]

Larry Hayashi

Assistant Professor of Linguistics

Larry counts it a privilege to work with highly motivated young people who want to serve in a variety of language development roles around the world. His interest in linguistics was sparked while studying biology. He found the two fields very similar in terms of their examination of form or structure and the functions of […]

Jordan Kopke

Instructor in Linguistics

Jordan has been a member of Pioneer Bible Translators since 2012. She desires to see people grow in their ability to love and worship God through encountering Him in their own language. After completing her training at CanIL in 2013, she served alongside her husband Ryan in Vanuatu for three years. There, they worked to […]

Ryan Kopke

Instructor in Linguistics

Ryan is passionate about engaging others in worshipping God and about working to ensure people have the Bible in their language. He earnestly desires everyone to know God personally. He met his wife, Jordan, interning for Pioneer Bible Translators in 2011 and joined that same year.  After they completed their training at CanIL, they served in […]

Jeremy Lang

Instructor in Linguistics

Jeremy was born and raised hiking and camping in the mountains of Colorado; he aspired to climb the highest peaks and explore the wildest places of the world. Having grown up in the church, he was sixteen when he truly got serious about the faith he inherited from his family. Introverted and book-ish, and having […]

Randy Lebold

Assistant VP Academic Affairs, BA Linguistics Program Director, Assistant Professor of Linguistics

Randy Lebold spent two years living and working in Indonesia, first learning Indonesian and then doing sociolinguistic survey with SIL among the minority language communities in the province of Papua. After returning to live in Canada in early 2006, Randy continued to support the work of sociolinguistic survey in Papua by working remotely and taking […]

Dr. Steve Nicolle

MALT Program Director, Associate Professor of Linguistics

After completing a PhD in Linguistics at the University of York, UK, and working for a couple of years at a university in London, Steve and his wife, Ali joined Wycliffe Bible Translators and spent eight years in a language development project among the Digo people on the south Kenyan coast. For the next six […]

Hannah Olney

Instructor in Linguistics

Hannah has been at CanIL since Summer 2014, when she took her very first linguistics courses here. She quickly fell in love with both linguistics and her husband, Rick, who was also a student at CanIL. They were married in 2016 and are planning to work overseas with Wycliffe Canada in the Democratic Republic of […]

Rick Olney

BA Linguistics Program Advisor, Instructor in Linguistics

Rick has been a member of Wycliffe since 2013, which is the same year he came to CanIL to start the Masters of Applied Linguistics and Exegesis. In 2014, he met his wife Hannah, who also came out to do a Masters degree at CanIL, and they were married in 2016. Rick finished his degree […]

Carol Orwig

Instructor in Linguistics

Carol is a lifelong lover of language and languages.  She loves to reach across the barriers of language and culture to connect with people, and that has served her well in her many years working with Wycliffe Bible Translators and SIL International. Early on in her career, she did linguistic field work in rural Mexico […]

Michelle Petersen

Instructor in Linguistics

Michelle Petersen (M.A. Language Development/Scripture Engagement, summa cum laude B.A. French/TESOL) has served with Wycliffe since 1989. She has worked in Literacy and Scripture Engagement across West and Central Africa and taught Linguistics and Scripture Engagement in Europe and North America. As a Literacy Specialist, she taught Sango people to teach and supervise Sango literacy […]

Dr. Joost Pikkert

Director of Global Initiatives

D.Min. Bible Translation, Gordon-Conwell Seminary; M.A. Linguistics, University of Texas at Arlington; B.R.E., Providence College.

Dr. Keith Snider

Professor of Linguistics

D.Litt. African Linguistics, Leiden University; M.A. Linguistics University of Texas at Arlington; B.Th., Canadian Bible College; Dipl. Millar Memorial Bible Institute.

Dr. Doug Trick

Vice President of Academic Affairs, Associate Professor of Linguistics

D.Min. Bible Translation, Gordon-Conwell Seminary; M.A. Linguistics, University of Texas at Arlington; B.R.E., Providence College.

Dr. Norman Weatherhead

Instructor of Linguistics

Norm and his wife, Jill, joined Pioneer Bible Translators in 1994. Norm had been involved in short-term mission work, obtained an MDiv in Theology & Missiology, and helped in church pastoral roles from 1979 – 1994. Jill received her Nursing Diploma in 1987 and her BN Degree later in 2010. In 1995-6, together with some […]

Bruce Wiebe

Research Officer

Bruce Wiebe began in computing science and math but came to realize there was a place for academic skills in language development and Bible translation work.  After volunteering at CanIL in various roles, he (and his wife Raewyn) joined Wycliffe Bible Translators. He has taught courses in alphabet-making and dictionary making and worked on developing writing systems […]


Ellen Casali


Ellen is one of the two part-time receptionists at Canada Institute of Linguistics. She enjoys her work at reception and being the ‘face of CanIL’ to greet and meet students, visitors, faculty, delivery folks, security personnel and others. She cheerfully answers and redirects phone calls. Ellen also interacts with our alumni who are now serving […]

Shirley Funnell

Personnel Assistant

Shirley became a member of Wycliffe in 1965. Yes, she was recently honored for 50 years of service! After her initial training, Shirley was assigned to work in the Philippines. For two years, she was part of the Central Ifugao language project where she learned the language and began constructing a primer to teach adults […]

Kim Hayashi


Kim can be found part-time at the reception desk where her favorite activities are getting to know students and taking photos.

Susan Jeffery


Susan was born and raised in Cornwall, Ontario and became a Christian when she was 23. God’s Word was really central in her coming to faith experience, and so she felt that bringing the Bible to a people group that didn’t have it would be a worthwhile way to spend her life. At the same […]

Jocelyn Murphey

Inquiry Coordinator, Alumni Coordinator

Jocelyn works in Admissions at the CanIL West office, as our Inquiry Coordinator, answering students’ questions and helping them learn more about the academic and student-life programs we offer. In the near future, Jocelyn will take the reins of a new role at CanIL, our Alumni Coordinator. As a recent 2019 Master of Arts in […]

Jamie Lang

CanIL Launch Coordinator

Jamie was born and raised in Washington State, just a few hours south of the border. She felt called into missions, and particularly to Africa, shortly after coming to know Christ in her early teen years. After several several short-term trips during high school and college to various places (Ukraine, Romania, West Africa), she headed […]

Ali Nicolle

Academic Administration Coordinator

As a student of linguistics and Swahili at the University of York (UK), Ali was asked what possible use she could make of such a degree. The answer came in marrying fellow student Steve, joining Wycliffe and serving with the Digo language project in Kenya, Digo being a language closely related to Swahili. During their […]

Tom Scott

CanIL East Connection Coordinator

Tom loves sharing his passion for language and culture with people across Ontario and beyond! Tom got hooked on CanIL in the summer of 2010 when he flew west on a whim to attend Summer@CanIL. Almost 10 years later, he still thinks it was one of the best decisions of his life. Since graduating from […]

Kylie Wicker

Admissions Coordinator, Executive Assistant

Kylie loves her work in Admissions, because she has the exciting opportunity to get to know CanIL’s new students before they even arrive. She feels privileged to be able to help prospective and incoming students navigate through the application process and the logistics of moving to British Columbia. Not only that, but Kylie is also able to provide […]

Matthew Wicker

CanIL West Connection Coordinator

Matthew recently graduated from CanIL with a Masters of Arts in Linguistics and Translation, and now has the privilege of working in recruitment, sharing with others about the Bible Translation movement and talking about how cool linguistics is. His wife Kylie also works at CanIL (in Admissions), and the two of them plan to head […]