CanIL offers a wide variety of Training Track and Degree programs to meet your needs.

Bachelor of Arts in Applied Linguistics (BA LING at TWU)

Courses for our BA LING degree at CanIL West (TWU) are accredited through Trinity Western University. We provide both Major and Minor options.

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Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics (BA LING at Tyndale)

Courses for the BA LING degree at CanIL East (TU) are accredited through Tyndale University. We provide both Major and Minor options.

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Master of Arts in Linguistics (MA LING at TWU)

Courses for the MA LING degree at Trinity Western University are offered by CanIL, and accredited through TWU. Students have the option of choosing either the Analytical Linguistics stream, or the Applied Linguistics stream. In addition, either program allows a thesis or non-thesis option.

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Master of Arts in Linguistics & Translation (MALT at ACTS)

Courses for the Master of Arts in Linguistics & Translation are offered by CanIL in conjunction with ACTS Seminaries (Associated Canadian Theological Schools of Trinity Western University). Students receive a well-rounded education in linguistics and Biblical studies, with linguistics courses taken at CanIL, and Bible, Theology, and Biblical Languages courses taken at ACTS (on campus, right next to CanIL). The degree is accredited through Trinity Western University. Thesis and non-thesis options are available.

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Training Track Programs

CanIL offers eight training tracks, which range in length from 1 to 4 semesters. Training tracks meet the requirements of several mission sending organizations, for the following roles:

  • Literacy & Education Technician
  • Literacy & Education Specialist
  • Linguistic Technician
  • Scripture Use Worker
  • Language Surveyor
  • Lexicography Technician
  • Field Linguist
  • Translation Specialist

Students wishing to complete a training track will apply through CanIL and be registered as a non-degree, casual student through TWU Extension.

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Summer@CanIL Program

Each summer, CanIL offers a condensed semester of linguistics courses. It is a regular semester of studies completed in a 9-week session. Introductory courses, pre-requisites for the graduate programs, elective courses to be used as transfer credit for other linguistics programs, and graduate level courses are offered. Students apply through CanIL.

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Research Opportunities

CanIL offers the opportunity for budding linguists to explore areas of interest through thesis writing opportunities, publishing and presenting of papers before peers or during conferences, research grants, and one-on-one mentoring possibilities.

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Academic Planning Resources

Printable academic planning guides. Everything you need to plan out your education on one page.

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