CanIL Electronic Working Papers (CanILEWP)

CanIL Electronic Working Papers (CanILEWP) provides students, alumni and staff of CanIL a forum to electronically publish original work in our areas of specialization (linguistics, translation, scripture use, literacy, language program design, ethnography).

The acronym CanILEWP (pronounced [kænaɪɛl:up]) is meant to conjure up an image of a ‘loop’. By working through the process of contributing to the Electronic Working Papers, students, alumni, and staff are keeping themselves ‘in the loop’ regarding the topics addressed during course work. At the same time, others will have access to the electronically published articles so they too can ‘stay in the loop’ on topics of interest to them. Like all things Canadian, the acronym for our Electronic Working Papers is bilingual. A ‘loupe’ in French is a magnifying glass. Contributers to CanILEWP have the opportunity to examine issues in more detail than is possible in class.

Editorial team: Sean Allison, Rod Casali, Steve Nicolle

Assistant Editor: Alison Nicolle

For submissions and queries contact us at:

Volume 1, 2015

Volume 2, 2016

Volume 3, 2017

Volume 4, 2018