CanIL EWP Volume 4 2018

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Allison, Sean. The notion of ‘word’ in Makary Kotoko (Chadic, Cameroon)

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On the basis of a list of criteria proposed by Dixon & Aikhenvald (2002) for identifying grammatical and phonological words in a language, this paper presents the findings of an application of the relevant criteria to data from Makary Kotoko (Chadic, Cameroon). The criteria of (i) isolatability, (ii) meaning, and (iii) tone assignment are determinative, not for the identification of word per se, but for identifying word classes – in particular, the major word classes of the language: noun, verb, adjective, adverb and ideophone. Cases of misalignment of grammatical and phonological words occur with functional elements of the language and these are presented in discussing the status of clitics. The identification of clitics and their various realizations has a bearing on the issue of orthographic word for this language which has had no known written tradition until fairly recently. Words used for expressing the notion of ‘word’ are discussed and the paper concludes with a brief presentation of some word games used by speakers of Makary Kotoko.

Keywords: Makary Kotoko, Chadic, grammatical word, phonological word, clitic, orthographic word, word games

Steve Nicolle, Brittney Balfour, Bryanne Friesen, Nick Toews and Jesse Workman. Selected narrative discourse features in Kisi, a Bantu language of Tanzania

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This collaborative paper builds on analyses conducted as part of the CanIL Discourse Analysis course. We provide an overview of a number of features of narrative discourse based on detailed analysis of ten texts, five of which are included as appendices.

Keywords: kiz, Bantu, discourse analysis, participant reference, tense, aspect, information structure, reported speech