canil admissions

(* All funds are in Canadian currency and based on tuition rates for the 2018 – 2019 academic year. Most students take 9 – 12 semester hours per semester.)

  • Summer at CanIL (new students only) $255 per semester hour
  • TWU Extension Non-Degree Students $387 per semester hour
  • Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics – TWU $742 per semester hour
  • Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics – Tyndale $460 per semester hour
  • Master of Arts in Linguistics – TWU $535 per semester hour
  • Master of Arts in Linguistics and Translation – ACTS $490 per semester hour
Visit our academics page for more information about specific programs  


CanIL, TWU, ACTS and Tyndale all actively promote the provision of scholarships and bursaries in support of students studying at CanIL.

Students apply for financial aid each semester. Here is a summary of some of the CanIL financial aid that is normally available to our students.

  • CanIL Bursary (based on need) up to $1500
  • Entrance Award (first-semester Master’s students) up to $3000
  • Ministry Launch Award up to $3000
  • Church Matching Grant (2:1 up to $2000/academic year for Master’s students and final year BA LING students) up to $6000
  • Student work programs including Teaching Assistant positions are also available

We encourage our students to pursue other scholarship and bursary opportunities with their respective schools and other scholarship programs.

  • BA LING and MA LING students should contact TWU for financial aid options.
  • MALT students should contact ACTS for financial aid options.
  • BA LING students at Tyndale should contact them for financial aid options.

We also encourage students to look into other potential scholarship resources.


Visit our financial aid page to find out more information