Interested in language and culture? Explore the possibilities! Linguistics courses fulfill elective credit requirements for a number of TWU degree programs. This understanding of language and culture will broaden your worldview and better equip you for various contexts in an increasingly global community. Check with your advisor and program worksheet to see if this is an option you should pursue.

Eligibility: Undeclared or non-linguistics majors at TWU.
Please note: TWU Torch Award recipients are not eligible for this grant. Linguistics majors or minors may apply for regular CanIL financial aid.

TWU Linguistics courses (unless TESOL courses) are run by Canada Institute of Linguistics. (

Amount: $500 per eligible Linguistics course!

Deadlines: Apply by July 15 for Fall semester, November 15 for Spring semester, April 15 for Summer semester.

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Eligible TWU courses
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LING-101 Introduction to Linguistics 3 Sem. Hours Fall, Spring

An introduction to the primary elements of linguistics, including an introduction to morphology and semantics (words and meaning), phonetics (the sounds of language), phonology (the sound systems of language), syntax (grammatical systems), sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, language acquisition theory, and current issues in linguistics. No previous knowledge of linguistics is required.

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LING-210 Language and Society 3 Sem. Hours Fall, Spring, Summer

This course focuses on the interaction between language and the social context within which it is used. Topics include: regional and social dialects; multilingualism; language attitudes and their impact on national and personal identity; linguistic politeness; the maintenance, shift, loss, and spread of languages; and the impact of modern technology. Applications to gender and education are explored in depth.

This course can alternatively be taken in an online format. Refer to Language and Society ONLINE.

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LING-310 Articulatory Phonetics 3 Sem. Hours Fall, Spring, Summer

This course provides a theoretical and practical introduction to the broad range of human speech sounds that are found in the languages of the world. Through practice inside and outside of the classroom, students will learn to recognize and produce the various sounds, transcribe them with phonetic symbols, and describe how they are produced. Attention will also be given to other phonetic details such as tone, intonation, stress, and duration.

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