CanIL’s mission is to see communities transformed through engaging with God’s Word in their heart language. The only way we can succeed in this is through you! That means we are invested in your success, not only as a student but also in your future service around the world. Anything that gets in the way of our shared mission fulfillment has our attention!

When your time at CanIL is finished and you’re ready to join a language development or Bible translation organization, two of the things that have the potential to slow you down are debt, and raising your monthly support. For years, we have operated a robust financial aid program to help our students circumvent, reduce, or eliminate debt. In the past year, we have been asking, “How can we better prepare our students for the task of raising support?” That question has led to the launch of an exciting new program! We call it Pre-Launch.

Pre-Launch is intended to ensure that you gain early exposure to the fundamentals of partnership development and that your “holistic preparation”, in anticipation of a vocational calling to the work of Bible translation, includes this vital area.
Pre-Launch is for students of any program at CanIL who have declared an interest in a field assignment with a Bible translation organization and who will therefore be involved in raising personal support. There is no cost for you to participate in the program.

Heart Language Riders

Is Pre-Launch for you?

An important purpose of Pre-Launch is to help you determine if God has brought you to CanIL for Mission Fulfillment, i.e. to join the global Bible Translation Movement, or for another purpose. In your first year at CanIL, we hope you will participate in Pre-Launch to facilitate your journey toward career missions, including engaging in Partnership Development. In your second year at CanIL, we hope you will commit formally as a Pre-Launch candidate.  CanIL donors are eager to provide a different level of financial aid to students who prayerfully declare themselves as Pre-Launch (Mission Fulfillment) candidates.


Pre-Launch Elements

  • Pre-Launch Workshop
    • Pre-Launch orientation (a template you can use for fundraising and growing your list of ministry partners, an introduction to online fundraising, expectations). You will also be introduced to the CanIL Ride.
    • When? Early in the Summer and Fall semesters.
  • CanIL Ride
    • Cycling/fundraising campaign (including a non-rider category) and celebration event. Free for students (approximate value $300).
    • If you’re not a cyclist, fear not … there is a non-rider category.
    • When? Late July. Find details here.
  • Partnership Development Workshop
    • Training in personal Partnership Development for financial and prayer support led by Wycliffe Canada. This is a chance to interact and train with people who have been doing partnership development for decades!
    • When? September (pending availability of Wycliffe Canada staff).
  • CanIL Giving Challenge
    • End-of-year community engagement and peer-to-peer campaign built on the growing popularity of #GivingTuesday (after Black Friday and Cyber Monday).
    • When? November.
  • Partnership Storytelling
    • Stories make people care, so writing and telling your story is an essential element of Partnership Development. Be it speaking at chapel or your church, contributing to a CanIL newsletter or writing your own, we will find opportunities for you to develop and share your story. This element will involve personal MailChimp (or equivalent) communications.
    • When? Second year.
  • Pre-Launch Year 1 – Participation, Assessment & Formative Feedback
    • Alistair Jackson, VP Development at CanIL, will work with you throughout Pre-Launch. During your participation and assessment phase (year 1), Alistair will offer tips and formative feedback on your fundraising efforts.
    • When? Ongoing in year 1.
  • Pre-Launch Year 2 – Commitment, Assessment & Formative Feedback
    • As you confirm your interest in Pre-Launch and Mission Fulfillment, Alistair will walk you through an application/approval process, continue to offer formative feedback, and explore opportunities for you to share your story.  
    • When? Ongoing in year 2.
  • CanIL Church Matching Grant Program
    • CanIL’s Church Matching Grant (CMG) program is an important step for all Pre-Launch candidates, introducing you to church partnerships. Learn how you can benefit from it—up to $12,000!

By training you for, and involving you in, each of the Pre-Launch Elements, we hope you will be able to move on from CanIL having begun to establish your own support base (both churches and individuals), ready to stand with you when you join a Bible translation organization and launch into ministry.

If you have any questions about Pre-Launch and/or you would like to register, please contact Alistair Jackson, VP Development (