canil community life

While the Fall and Spring semesters at CanIL are less intense than the Summer@CanIL program, there are still many great community activities for students and staff.


Take time to reflect. During the regular school year both ACTS Seminaries (Associated Canadian Theological Schools) and TWU (Trinity Western University) host chapels for our students which feature engaging speakers, lively worship, and activities. Once a week, the CanIL community also joins together for a more familial time of worship and sharing.


Enjoy good conversation and complimentary lunch. Visiting speakers (usually CanIL alumni) share about their field experiences through lively presentations. You don’t want to miss these monthly gatherings.


Come, grab a refreshment, and expand your linguistic horizons. Every 2 – 4 weeks during the school year, faculty, students, and visiting scholars have the opportunity to present their latest linguistic research to their peers and colleagues.

Spirit Week

Halfway through each semester, we take the opportunity to get a little crazy and show our CanIL spirit. Each day also has a theme: crazy hat day, colour collage day, favourite character day, etc.

Hiking and Camping

The West Coast is world-renowned for its beauty. With literally hundreds of kilometres of trails within a 30-minute drive, there are many opportunities to join informal explorations throughout the year. In the fall and spring, many students make the most of nice weekends and go swimming in the river or ocean, or camping in some of the hundreds of camping spots in the area.

Group Sports and Cycling

Because we’re on the West Coast of Canada, while much of the rest of North America is shovelling snow, we can still be outside having fun. The CanIL community gets out each week to play ultimate frisbee and volleyball. Our students also cycle, hike, canoe, and camp. For any skiers, BC offers some of the best skiing in Canada.