LING-476 Principles of Literacy

This course covers methods used in the introduction of literacy to ethno-linguistic minority groups. It includes orthography design, consideration of socio-historical issues, strategies for literacy programs, stimulation of local authorship, reading theory, and instructional methodologies. Prerequisite: LING 201 Phonetics and 203 Phonology I: Phonological Analysis.

LING-475 Principles of Bible Translation

This course is designed to give the student the theoretical basis and practical skills for the transfer of meaning from one language to another. Topics will include semantic analysis of source language and receptor language, and problems encountered in cross-language transfer, with particular attention to the translation of Scripture. Pre-requisites: LING 1013, 1023 and 2043; […]

LING-476 Acoustic Phonetics

This course introduces students to fundamental principles of acoustics that are relevant to the study of human speech sounds. Students will gain a basic understanding of properties of speech sound waves and learn how to investigate these properties instrumentally using acoustic analysis software. There will be extensive practice interpreting acoustic displays such as waveform graphs, […]

LING-47X First Language Acquisition LIVE-STREAMED

This course covers typical first language acquisition in children. Major topics include phonology, vocabulary, grammar, syntax, pragmatics, as well as literacy development.  The course uses a social framework and real-life examples that connect the diverse topics into a comprehensive picture of language development. Application to fields of speech-language pathology and audiology are also developed through […]

LING-471 Semantics and Pragmatics

This course provides students with the theoretical tools with which to study meaning at the word and sentence levels, and to explain how people interpret utterances in context. Students will study various models of semantics and pragmatics, and learn how to apply different approaches to the study of meaning in natural language. Prerequisite: LING 204 […]

LING-480 Internship in Field Linguistics

Designed to give students practical experience in field-based language work, including language documentation, description, and development. Students will work with a Tyndale faculty supervisor and a field mentor to develop their ability as field linguists by making a contribution to a language project. Requires a minimum of 240 hours in a field project. Available only […]

LIN-540 MALT Internship

The Internship is designed to give students extended practical experience in a language development program. Students will be assigned an advisor who is a faculty member at TWU and a mentor in the field location. These people will help the student to develop skills in field linguistics and/or biblical exegesis as the student contributes to […]

LING-582 OL Issues in Community Literacy – ONLINE VERSION

The issues in community literacy work that are covered in this course include various program issues such as introducing literacy in an oral community, motivation for literacy, capacity building and sustainability, training of personnel and evaluation of the program, and using participatory approaches in all aspects of the program. Offered online by request only. Prerequisite: […]


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