CNL-501 Intercultural Mentoring

The student will demonstrate the skills necessary for effective Christian mentorship in intercultural contexts, communicate effectively, and mentor people through conflict towards a resolution.

CNL-800 Bible Translation Consulting Capstone

The student will demonstrate the ability to provide ongoing professional development and support to a translation team, including initial exegesis, evaluating a submitted back translation, providing systematic feedback, and working with a team to help improve their translation to the point of publication, including providing professional development appropriate to training the next generation of translation […]

CNL-502 Leadership, Administration & Management

The student demonstrates a biblical perspective on leadership, planning and management within a translation organization. They will be equipped to develop a shared vision for ministry, mentor those around them, and will possess the practical planning, management, monitoring and evaluation tools necessary for ensuring progress is made towards the organization’s vision.

TNS-601 Orality & Scripture Use

The student demonstrates the ability to problem solve possible solutions in order to increase the use of an oral or written translation’s acceptance by the community.

TNS-512 Computer Applications for Translation

The student can install and use key Bible translation software, and can assist translators in installing and using such software.

TNS-501 Translation

The student demonstrates an ability to understand the integrated nature of Bible translation, articulate theoretical foundations, translate different genres of biblical text, in order that they may execute the steps needed to ensure the quality translation of scripture.

LIN-601 Syntax

Students will demonstrate an ability to identify the relevant morphology, syntax, stems, words, phrases, and sentences of one language in order to ensure they are factored into a quality translation in another language.

LIN-502 Pragmatics & Semantics

The student is able to analyze meaning at the word and sentence levels, and to explain how people interpret utterances in context. The student is able to apply different approaches to analyze meanings in natural language through the use of various models of semantics and pragmatics.


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