LING-491 Discourse Analysis

3 Sem. Hours

This course focuses on the question of how speakers of a given language effectively accomplish their communicative goals through the strategic use and shaping of language in both written and oral discourse. Students learn to identify different discourse genres, to chart texts for analysis, to discern hierarchical units within the macrostructure of a text, and to describe features of cohesion and participant reference, as well as identifying strategies in language for establishing the relative prominence of various streams of information. Special attention is paid to the interaction between alternate syntactic forms and their varying pragmatic functions in context.
Please note that LING 361 and LING 362 can be used as a prerequisite instead of LING 360 Grammatical Analysis.


LING 360 Grammatical Analysis

LING 330 Phonological Analysis

LING 310 Articulatory Phonetics

LING 480 Field Methods

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