LIN-540 MALT Internship

6 Sem. Hours

The Internship is designed to give students extended practical experience in a language development program. Students will be assigned an advisor who is a faculty member at TWU and a mentor in the field location. These people will help the student to develop skills in field linguistics and/or biblical exegesis as the student contributes to language development, Bible translation, or Scripture engagement in a minority language community. The location, length of assignment, and work commitments will be determined by the faculty advisor in consultation with the student and the field mentor. 240 hours of work are required for the 6 semester hour course.

Note: A student who attains a grade of B or higher in the Internship will not be required to sit the Comprehensive Exam.

Prereqs: LIN 560, LIN 570, LIN 580

Course Syllabus


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