LING-399 Linguistics Practicum

3 Sem. Hours

The linguistics practicum course is designed to give students a short-term practical experience in a language development program. Students will work with a faculty member at TWU and a mentor on location to develop their ability as field linguists through making a contribution to language development work. The location, length of assignment, and work commitments will be determined by the faculty member in consultation with the student and the field mentor. 120 hours of work are required for the 3 semester hour course.
Please note that LING 361 and LING 362 can be used as a prerequisite instead of LING 360 Grammatical Analysis.


LING 481 Anthropological Linguistics: Ethnography

LING 480 Field Methods: Data Management & Analysis

LING 360 Grammatical Analysis

LING 330 Phonological Analysis

LING 210 Language and Society

LING 310 Articulatory Phonetics


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