Linguistic Puzzles 9 – 12

Challenge 9 — Local harmony (Scripture Use)

Let’s visit the Canela people from Brazil. They represent over 2,700 speakers and since 1990 have had the full New Testament. About 40% are Christian.

Many people believe that art is universal and transcends language and culture. If that is so, what do you think this Canela song means?

Challenge 10 — Communicating through Cultural Arts (Scripture Use)

Let’s visit the Pitjantjara people from Central Australia. They represent over 3,700 speakers and since 2002 have had the full New Testament. (100% Christian (40% Evangelical)

Many cultures in the world have unique ways of depicting their thoughts and feelings through art. So what do you think this Pitjantjara symbol represents?

Challenge 11 — Understanding Cultural Arts (Scripture Use)

Now that we know that the horseshoe symbol represents a person, try guessing what each of these symbols below represents. Click and drag the correct title to the white space beneath the symbol.

  1. a sick person
  2. a dead person
  3. a person's spirit
  4. a living person
  5. the Trinity
  6. friendship

Challenge 12 — The Spiritual Implications of Cultural Arts (Scripture Use for Bible Translation)

Now that we know several of the artistic symbols used in Pitjantjara art, look at the following representation of the life of Jesus. The list to the side is scrambled. Click and drag them into the order which you see in the art work.

  • Jesus' baptism
  • Jesus healing the sick
  • Jesus appears to two of his followers
  • Jesus in his eternal state
  • Feeding of the 5000
  • Soldiers cast lots for his clothes
  • Last supper
  • Jesus' temptation
  • Jesus is born
  • Jesus' trial and suffering
  • Jesus taken up to clouds, but each believer has Jesus in their hearts
  • Jesus as a boy
  • Jesus dies
  • Choosing of the disciples
  • Jesus is resurrected
  • Jesus' crucifiction

Congratulations on finishing this set of challenges.

Congratulations on finishing the third set of challenges.
If you enjoyed music and art from around the world and would like to be involved with helping people express their devotion to God through their own cultural art forms, perhaps you should consider getting training to be a Scripture Engagement Specialist. They often work alongside local Bible Translation projects to help people engage with God’s word through teaching music writing workshops, helping develop local artists, developing both oral and written Bible studies and helping people walk through evaluating their own culture through the lense of God’s Word. When you are done click on the Home button above and choose another set of challenges.