Linguistic Quizzes Part 3! Cultural Arts!

Congratulations to those of you who completed the first two quizzes! Here’s the third of four linguistic quizzes – we’re posting a new one each week. If you missed out on the first two, ‘Understanding the Sounds of Language’ and ‘Solving Language Puzzles,’ they’re also available. Try them all and discover a world of language!

This week’s quiz, ‘Cultural Arts,’ highlights how worldview impacts art and communication.

Linguists who assist in the development of appropriate materials and activities that enhance a community’s engagement with Scripture, or aid in teaching literacy must be highly cognisant that language is inextricably connected with culture.

In today’s quiz, you will be presented with a local harmony (song) from the Canela people of Brazil, and several challenges related to symbols used by the Pitjantjara people from Central Australia.

Can you tell what the Canela song means? Using the Pitjantjara symbols that you will learn, can you tell what is being depicted in fourteen different pictures representing different events in the life of Jesus?

If you enjoy music and art from around the world, consider taking the Scripture Engagement class at CanIL, which is offered in the Summer. Scripture Engagement specialists work in teams with local artists, teachers, and leaders facilitating the expression of Scripture in local art forms.