Matthew Wicker

CanIL West Recruitment Coordinator

Matthew recently graduated from CanIL with a Masters of Arts in Linguistics and Translation, and now has the privilege of working in recruitment, sharing with others about the Bible Translation movement and talking about how cool linguistics is. His wife Kylie also works at CanIL (in Admissions), and the two of them plan to head […]

Tom Scott

CanIL East Recruitment Coordinator

Tom loves sharing his passion for language and culture with people across Ontario and beyond! Tom got hooked on CanIL in the summer of 2010 when he flew west on a whim to attend Summer@CanIL. Almost 10 years later, he still thinks it was one of the best decisions of his life. Since graduating from […]

Arnie Friesen

Originally from Manitoba, Arnie and his family have called the Fraser Valley home since 1997. His current interests include playing bass guitar in his church worship band, as well as curling and playing soccer. His wife, Judy, recently retired from her role as VP Engagement at Wycliffe Canada. She previously served as VP Development with […]

Carol Orwig

Instructor in Linguistics

Carol is a lifelong lover of language and languages.  She loves to reach across the barriers of language and culture to connect with people, and that has served her well in her many years working with Wycliffe Bible Translators and SIL International. Early on in her career, she did linguistic field work in rural Mexico […]

Kim Hayashi

PreLaunch Coach, Receptionist

Kim can be found part-time at the reception desk where her favorite activities are getting to know students and taking photos.

Kylie Wicker

Admissions Coordinator, Executive Assistant

Kylie loves her work in Admissions, because she has the exciting opportunity to get to know CanIL’s new students before they even arrive. She feels privileged to be able to help prospective and incoming students navigate through the application process and the logistics of moving to British Columbia. Not only that, but Kylie is also able to provide […]

Lezlie Allison

Instructor in Linguistics

Lezlie and her husband Sean have been members of Wycliffe Bible Translators and SIL since 1995. They are involved in a Bible translation project in Africa to an unreached people group. They have four children – two in university and two in middle school. They love being part of the CanIL community and having the […]

Hannah Olney

Instructor in Linguistics

Hannah has been at CanIL since Summer 2014, when she took her very first linguistics courses here. She quickly fell in love with both linguistics and her husband, Rick, who was also a student at CanIL. They were married in 2016 and are planning to work overseas with Wycliffe Canada in the Democratic Republic of […]


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