Alistair Jackson

Alistair Jackson

Vice President of Development, Director of CanIL Launch

Alistair came to Canada, from Scotland, at age 10. After high school, he attended Bible school and became a missionary in France, thereby realizing an unfulfilled dream of his grandmother. Living in France yielded a deep interest in worldview and linguistics, and eventually a passion for teaching French in Canada. Alistair went on to graduate studies in educational leadership, particularly servant leadership, which he applied to his role as a Christian school teacher and principal.

After 20 years in education, Alistair moved to a business career. During that 15-year period, he developed considerable expertise in U.S. health care reform, and co-authored a book on the topic, for eye doctors. As business development gave way to business consulting, Alistair eventually founded a writing business. It was this business – in fact, a blog post about missions and worldview – that brought Alistair in contact with CanIL. Having, in addition, a passion for road cycling, and charitable sector experience with CanadaHelps, Alistair’s interest in serving as CanIL’s Vice President of Development was a natural fit. Soon after joining our staff at CanIL, with the shared vision and support of our President, Alistair founded what we now know as CanIL Launch.

Interesting Facts

Alistair married Ruth in 1984.

Ruth works in special education, in the Abbotsford School District, and is also a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor.

Alistair and Ruth have two sons. Alexander is married to Alison. Andrew is married to Victoria.

Alistair’s very first teaching job was at Trinity Western, in 1983, when he taught French Conversation.

Alistair and Ruth currently attend St. Dunstan’s Anglican Church.


1993. Master of Education, (Leadership & Administration), University of Victoria

1983. Bachelor of Education (French Linguistics), Simon Fraser University

1980. International Teams School of Bible & World Missions, Prospect Heights, IL

1976. California Center for Biblical Studies, Culver City, CA

Relevant Experience

2016-2018. Charity Engagement, CanadaHelps

2013-2016. Consulting & Writing

2001-2013. Sales, Marketing & Business Development

1993-1997. K-8 School Administration & Leadership

1982-2000. K-12 Teaching

1980-1982. Missions, International Teams, Grenoble, France


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