Bruce Wiebe

Bruce Wiebe

Research Officer

Bruce Wiebe began in computing science and math but came to realize there was a place for academic skills in language development and Bible translation work.  After volunteering at CanIL in various roles, he (and his wife Raewyn) joined Wycliffe Bible Translators. He has taught courses in alphabet-making and dictionary making and worked on developing writing systems for languages in Nigeria, Cameroon, and most recently in Mexico.

As Research Officer for CanIL, Bruce’s professional goal is to encourage best practices and quality assurance in language development projects with a particular interest in projects with Bible translation. 


  1. M.Sc. Computational Linguistics, Simon Fraser University
  2. Diploma, Mount Carmel Bible School
  3. B.Sc. Computing Science (minor: Mathematics), Simon Fraser University

Professional experience

2019-present.  Research Officer, Canada Institute of Linguistics
2019(-2021).  Linguistics Consultant (in training), SIL Mexico.
2012-2017.  Linguistics Consultant (in training), SIL Nigeria.
2012-2015.  Linguistics Specialist, SIL Cameroon.
1998-2010.  Instructor (phonology, lexicography), Canada Institute of Linguistics.


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