Carol Orwig

Carol Orwig

Instructor in Linguistics

Carol is a lifelong lover of language and languages.  She loves to reach across the barriers of language and culture to connect with people, and that has served her well in her many years working with Wycliffe Bible Translators and SIL International. Early on in her career, she did linguistic field work in rural Mexico and in Cameroon, but most of Carol’s career has been as a consultant and trainer in the area of Language and Culture Learning.  Carol has taught in SIL training programs in the US, the UK, in Canada and in Thailand and has facilitated workshops in Thailand, Indonesia, Mozambique, Hungary and Albania, among other places.  She also teaches online courses for language coaches from many different mission organizations through Wheaton College’s Institute for Cross-cultural training.  Along with teaching LACA (Language and Culture Acquisition) at CanIL, Carol also regularly assists teaching similar courses at the Graduate Institute for Applied Linguistics, now part of Dallas International University, in Dallas Texas, USA.

Interests: Carol’s interests include making quilts, knitting socks, gardening, reading mysteries, singing in the church choir, cooking interesting food from different countries and, especially, sharing it with friends.

Teaches: Language and Culture Acquisition (LING 470, LING 570, LIN 570)


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