Dr. Doug Trick

Dr. Doug Trick

Vice President of Academic Affairs

D.Min. Bible Translation, Gordon-Conwell Seminary; M.A. Linguistics, University of Texas at Arlington; B.R.E., Providence College.

Doug attended Providence College (near Winnipeg) with plans to serve as a pastor. It was a life-changing experience as he learned more about the greatness and goodness of God, and about how to read God’s Word with understanding.  In his final year at Providence, he learned that over 2000 people groups in world had no Scripture in their language, and was deeply burdened for Bibleless peoples.

Doug completed an MA in Linguistics (Dallas, TX) in 1980, and the next year he and his wife, Phyllis, moved to the Philippines. They served there for 25 years, primarily in the area of Scripture translation. Doug also served on a team to develop a Tagalog language-and-culture course, conducted sociolinguistic survey, served as a lexicography consultant, and taught at Asia SIL. Since 2006, Doug has been teaching at CanIL (Principles of Translation, Philosophical Perspectives in Linguistics, and Language Programs Design & Management). In 2012 he completed the Doctor of Ministry program in Bible Translation. In addition to his administrative VP role, he is an Associate Professor of Linguistics, and he and Phyllis continue to contribute to a language project in the Philippines.

Interesting fact: In addition to his native language of English, after living in the Philippines for 25 years, Doug speaks Southern Sinama and Tagalog, and has reading proficiency  in Sinama Pangutaran, Central Sinama and Tausug.


2013. D.Min. in Bible Translation, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary
1992. Seminar in Linguistic Consulting, University of North Dakota
1977-1980. M.A. in Linguistics, Honours, University of Texas at Arlington
1974-1977. Bachelor of Religious Education, Providence College

Teaching Experience

2002-2003. Introduction to Phonology; Applied Linguistics Program, Alliance Graduate School, Manila, Philippines

2000. Semantics, and Introduction to Phonology; Applied Linguistics Program, Alliance Graduate School, Manila, Philippines

1981, 1986, 1991. Phonetics, and Second Language Acquisition; Toronto Institute of Linguistics (Toronto, Canada)

1996. (Assisting Albert Bickford) Field Methods; SIL at University of North Dakota. (Summer session)

Consultant and Research Experience

1987-Present. Linguist-Translator with Summer Institute of Linguistics (Philippines)
2002, 2004. Lexicography Consultant for Mapun-English Dictionary and Romblomanon-English Dictionary
1984-1985. Sociolinguistic Surveyor (Catanduanes Island, Philippines)

1981-1984. Curriculum Designer (produced language-learning curriculum for expatriates learning Tagalog; trained Filipino language teachers)

Administrative Experience

2004-2006. Member, SIL Philippines Executive Committee
1996-2000. Interim Southern Regional Director, SIL Philippines
1986-1987. Business Manager, World Team, Manila, Philippines


2014. Understanding Translation. Paper presented to the 6th Asian Translation Traditions Conference, University of the Philippines, Manila, Oct 23-25.

2013. Optimizing Translation Training at Canada Institute of Linguistics. Thesis Project for DMin in Bible Translation. Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

2011. “Assumed and trusted similarity” – when we’ve translated, what is it that we’ve done? Paper presented to Bible Translation 2011, Dallas, TX, USA.

2008. Ergative Control of Syntactic Processes In Southern Sinama.

2004. Serving as a Consultant to Dictionary Compilers. (Paper presented at Lexicography Conference, Payap University Linguistics Department, Chiangmai, Thailand (24-26 May 2004)

2004. Questions for Testing Translations: Genesis. SIL & UBS: Translators’ Workplace 4.0.

2001. Serving as consultant to larger teams. SIL: Lingualinks 5.0 (Consulting Bookshelf).

1997. Equi-NP deletion in Sama Southern. Philippine Journal of Linguistics 28.125-144.1997 – Review: Electronic performance support systems. Notes on Linguistics, Number 76.

1983. Catanduanes Sociolinguistic Survey Report. (unpublished ms)

1980. Do’s and Don’ts of Prereading. Notes on Literacy, NOL Number 29.

Sinama Publications (involvement as cotranslator):

  • 2009. Kahinangan saga Wakil Al-Masi [Acts of the Apostles]. Manila: Bible League
  • 2005. Kitab Panagnaan [Genesis]. Manila: Bible League.
  • 2003. Salsila Al-Masi min Kitab Injil [Luke’s Gospel]. Manila: Bible League.
  • 2002. Panduh Hap [New Testament Letter of James]. Manila: Bible League.
  • 1995. Ya Duwa Magbagey Sama ma Tawi-Tawi [Trilingual Reader, Sinama/Tagalog/English]. Manila: SIL.
  • 1990. Bissara Pondok-Pondok [Trilingual Phrase Book, Sinama/Tagalog/English]. Manila: SIL.


  • Spoken proficiency in two Philippine languages (Tagalog, Southern Sinama)
  • Reading proficiency in three Philippine languages (Tausug, Sama Pangutaran, Sama Central)


  • LING 4/585 Principles of Translation
  • LING 4/583 Language Program Design & Management


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