Jeremy Lang

Jeremy Lang

Instructor in Linguistics

Jeremy was born and raised hiking and camping in the mountains of Colorado; he aspired to climb the highest peaks and explore the wildest places of the world. Having grown up in the church, he was sixteen when he truly got serious about the faith he inherited from his family. Introverted and book-ish, and having been blessed with a love of language, an interest in philosophy, and a heart for the Lord, Jeremy went off to college to study to be a pastor, a calling which never felt like a good fit, but which he thought was inevitable. After college, he worked in various things while searching for the sort of ministry that was actually a good fit, or perhaps just being a pastor. It was finally after meeting and marrying his sweetheart, Jamie, a missionary to Africa, that things began to come into focus. Jamie wanted to return to Africa. Jeremy wanted to use his more academic interests in ministry. Quite naturally, the two desires led to joining Wycliffe Bible Translators and going to Africa to serve in translation. Since 2006, Jeremy and Jamie and their three kids have served in various capacities in Bible Translation, doing leadership, administration, and translation consulting and advising. Prior to joining CanIL, Jeremy served with Seed Company, an affiliate organization of Wycliffe. As a Translation Consultant for mother-tongue language teams in East and West Anglophone Africa, he helped them work on their Old Testament translations. Jeremy taught informally at both the translation desk and in the workshop setting during that time. In the summer of 2020, Jeremy and his family moved to CanIL to lend his skills and experience to our faculty team. 



2009. Master of Arts (Translation Studies). Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (Africa International University), Nairobi, Kenya.

2002. Bachelor of Arts (Biblical Studies, Philosophy). Geneva College, Beaver Falls, PA, USA.


Professional & Research Interests

Old Testament translation. Biblical translation quality assurance and advisory development. Ethics in Translation. Bible Translation as Discipleship. 



LING-483/583 Language Program Design and Management

LING-485/585 Principles of Translation


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