Jessie Dias

Jessie Dias


Jessie grew up in Brazil, moved to Canada to study, but decided to stay and build a life here. He met his wife in graduate school and they have two beautiful children. Jessie has a background in biology, indigenous cultures, linguistics and biblical exegesis. He studied biology at Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora in Brazil, completed a B.A. in Environmental Studies and a TESOL Certificate at Trinity Western University, and a Masters of Applied Linguistics and Exegesis at the Canada Institute of Linguistics. He’s an experienced teacher, passionate for the biblical discipleship of God’s Church in every culture, and wants to always be a useful disciple of Christ.

Jessie is now one of CanIL’s principle recruiters, sharing the vision of a world in which all people have access to God’s word in a language that they understand clearly. He regularly visits school, college and university campuses, and conference events to challenge the next generation to dream big for God.

Interesting facts: Jessie is also trained in human anatomy, taxidermy of serpents, and vivarium maintenance. You never know! 😉

Want to find out how to get Jessie to YOUR school or venue? Contact him at CONNECT@CANIL.CA


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