Jordan Kopke

Jordan Kopke

Instructor in Linguistics

Jordan has been a member of Pioneer Bible Translators since 2012. She desires to see people grow in their ability to love and worship God through encountering Him in their own language. After completing her training at CanIL in 2013, she served alongside her husband Ryan in Vanuatu for three years. There, they worked to train local leaders from four language groups to be Bible translators for their own people. Jordan’s specific passions within the Bible translation movement are Scripture Use and literacy, and she was thrilled to conduct literacy workshops in Vanuatu as well as conduct a Scripture Use course for the local Bible translators.
Jordan is excited and thankful for the opportunity to continue in the work of training others to be Bible translators and literacy specialists here at CanIL. She and Ryan have two young children who keep them on their toes and bring a lot of joy to their lives. When she does have a spare minute, Jordan really enjoys reading classic literature, running, and hiking.


2012. Bachelor of Arts in Applied Linguistics with an interdisciplinary in Biblical Languages. Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, IL.
2013. Masters of Applied Linguistics and Exegesis. Northwest Baptist Theological Seminary, Langley, BC.


LIN(G) 4/584 Principles of Literacy
LIN(G) 4/582 Issues in Community Literacy
LIN(G) 4/588 Literacy Materials Development


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