Kylie Wicker

Kylie Wicker

Admissions Coordinator, Executive Assistant

Kylie loves her work in Admissions, because she has the exciting opportunity to get to know CanIL’s new students BEFORE they arrived. She feels privileged to be able to help prospective and incoming students navigate through the application process and the logistics of moving to British Columbia. Not only that, but Kylie is also able to provide the “inside scoop” on many matters, because she was recently a student at CanIL, too! She’s wrapping up her Master of Arts in Linguistics, and her husband Matthew is finishing the Master of Arts in Linguistics and Translation. They plan to join the Bible translation movement and go overseas in a few years, but in the meantime, Kylie is thrilled to be able to spend her time helping new students embark on the same journey. She thinks CanIL is an incredible place to learn and grow, and receive excellent training in linguistics and language development.
When she’s not working, Kylie can often be found cooking delicious food, gardening, sketching, reading, or writing. Also, a few fun facts: Kylie has lived on three continents, likes both cats AND dogs, has never broken a bone, and doesn’t like wearing shoes.
Talk to Kylie today about what it might look like for you to attend CanIL! Email her at, or call 1-888-513-2129.


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