Larry Hayashi

Larry Hayashi

Director of Community Life

Larry counts it a privilege to work with highly motivated young people who want to serve in a variety of language development roles around the world. His interest in linguistics was sparked while studying biology. He found the two fields very similar in terms of their examination of form or structure, and the functions of those structures. Larry had some proficiency in French and learned a tiny bit of Japanese (mostly favorite food items!) while growing up. He has been exposed to a number of languages over the years while software consulting with SIL International and in Field Methods classes. In his travels, Larry has lived in Belgium, Cameroon, Texas, Oregon, Alberta, and British Columbia.

Larry loves working with dictionaries (a field called lexicography), discovering unique aspects of each language, as people try to fit the data into a variety of linguistic databases. Both Larry and his wife, Kim, love to spend time with students outside the classroom, whether over a meal or in a game of ultimate frisbee. Larry has an IT background and has been involved in the development of a number of linguistic software applications. Larry says, “Whether serving overseas, in software development or in training, I find that God continues to accompany and direct me and my family on a journey towards deeper love and greater freedom through Him.”


1991. M.A. Linguistics, University of Oregon
1986. B.Ed. Secondary Sciences, University of Alberta
1984. B.Sc. Biology, University of Alberta

Current position

Director of Community Life

Linguistics Instructor – LIN(G) 4/580 Field Methods: Data Management and Analysis, LIN(G) 587 Lexicography

Language Software Development and Training
Summer@CanIL leadership team

Other experience

2001-present. CanIL – Language Software Development and Training. Comparalex, Phonology Assistant, FieldWorks Language Explorer development.

2008-2015. CanIL Director of Communications
1998-2003. Summer Oregon SIL – Field Methods staff and IT support
1996-2001. SIL International, Dallas, TX. Language Software Developer LinguaLinks, FieldWorks

1995-1996. SIL Cameroon. Language Studies Department. Archivist and language studies reports manager.

1994. Brussels, Belgium. French language study.
1991-92. Retail computer consultant

Research Interests

Functional typological linguistics
Language software development for descriptive linguistics
FieldWorks development:
Phonology Assistant development:
Comparative African Wordlist Project:
Sm’algyax Living Legacy Talking Dictionary:


Snider, Keith & Larry Hayashi. 2015. Comparalex – an online comparative word list database. Poster presented at the Linguistic Society of America 2015 Annual Meeting, Portland, Oregon.

Hayashi, L., Hatton, J., & Moe, R. 2011. A proposed work-flow and software toolset for community dictionary development and distribution. In K. Akasu & S. Uchida

(Eds.), Lexicography: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives. pp. 150-159. Presented at the ASIALEX 2011, Kyoto Terrsa, Kyoto, Japan: The Asian Association for Lexicography.

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Hayashi, Larry S.; and John Hatton. 2001. “Combining UML, XML and relational database technologies – the best of all worlds for robust linguistic databases”. In Proceedings of the IRCS Workshop on Linguistic Databases , eds. Steven Bird; Peter Buneman; and Mark Liberman, 115-124. Philadelphia: Institute for Research in Cognitive Science.

Hayashi, Larry S. 2000 “Discovering and testing linguistic generalizations using interactive concordances”. In electronic Proceedings of the Talkbank Linguistic Exploration Workshop: New Methods for Creating, Exploring and Disseminating Linguistic Field Data. Chicago.

Hayashi, Larry S. 1991. Thesis. The relationship between event perception, dishabituation of neural models and progressive aspect in English. University of Oregon.

Hayashi, Larry S. 1989. ms. Conjunctions and referential continuity. University of Oregon. Research results cited in Givón, Talmy. 1984. Syntax : a functional-typological introduction. Amsterdam; Philadelphia: J. Benjamins Pub. Co. pp.849-850.


LING-LIN 587 Lexicography
LING-LIN 580 Field Methods: Data Management & Analysis
LING 480 Field Methods: Data Management & Analysis


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