Leigh Labrecque

Leigh Labrecque

Director of Communication

Leigh and his wife Barbara have been involved with CanIL since 1991, when Leigh first came as a single student during the summer course set. It was there that he developed an interest in Linguistics, and specifically how it facilitates Bible Translation work. After marrying Barbara, who was likewise interested in cross-cultural work, they returned to CanIL in 1996 and completed the MLE program. Now, after 13 years of working in Bible translation, literacy, and language development in the South Pacific country of Vanuatu, Leigh is back at CanIL, passionately teaching literacy courses and the empowering qualities of mother-tongue literacy and Scripture engagement training. Leigh and his wife love being a part of the CanIL community. He enjoys interacting with staff and students who are able to share their various cross-cultural and linguistic life experiences. He states, “With the caring atmosphere that we enjoy here at CanIL, we are truly more like a family than a school.”

Interesting facts: While Leigh and his family have lived in Canada and the US many years, his children remember more from their 13 years in Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and Australia. Besides English, Leigh is conversant in Tok Pisin (the trade language of PNG) and fluent in Bislama (trade language of Vanuatu), Paamese and Vatlongos (2 of the 110 indigenous languages of Vanuatu).


2013. Completed Translation Consultant Training and Apprenticeship for SIL in Vanuatu, Port Vila, Vanuatu

2003. Completed Cert IV in Workplace Training and Assessment in Vanuatu, Port Vila, Vanuatu
1999. Graduated with Masters of Arts in Religious Studies Trinity Western Graduate School
1998. Graduated with Masters of Applied Linguistics and Exegesis from Trinity Western Seminary
1994. Graduated with Bachelor of Theology from Prairie Bible College

Positions Held

2000-Present. Translation and Literacy Advisor – SIL Vanuatu, advising translation of two New Testaments in Paamese and Vatlongos languages

2005. Teacher’s Assistant – Principles of Literacy, CanIL LING 4/584
2002-2004. Trainer, Certificate IV in Translation, SIL Darwin
2000. Instructor, Language and Society, CanIL LING 210
2000. Teacher’s Assistant, Principles of Translation, CanIL LING 4/585 Winter
1998. Teaching Assistant, Hebrew I & II, Trinity Western Graduate School RELS 245/246
1997. Research Assistant, Kurd Socio-linguistic survey, North American Bible College


LING-LIN 4/584 Principles in Literacy
LING-LIN 4/588 Literacy Materials Development
LING-LIN 4/582 Issues in Community Literacy


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