Lezlie Allison

Lezlie Allison

Instructor in Linguistics

Lezlie and her husband Sean have been members of Wycliffe Bible Translators and SIL since 1995. They are involved in a Bible translation project in Africa to an unreached people group. They have four children – two in university and two in middle school. They love being part of the CanIL community and having the opportunity to work with eager young people as they prepare for the roles God may have for them in Bible translation and minority language development.

Lezlie and Sean’s passion is to see God’s Word available to every people group in an understandable and accessible form. Lezlie says, “I am thankful for this opportunity to serve at CanIL where I can help prepare future cross cultural workers for their roles in the wonderful work of Bible translation around the world.”

Interesting fact: Both Lezlie’s husband Sean and his twin sister Bonnie married Parisians, but neither of the twin’s spouses grew up speaking French or even living in Europe. Lezlie grew up in Paris, Texas (second largest Paris in the world…and yes, it too has an Eiffel Tower…google it!) and Bonnie’s husband is from Paris, Ontario.


1995. M.A., Linguistics, University of Texas at Arlington, Texas.

1992. B.A., Anthropology and Sociology, Davidson College, North Carolina.

Teaching Experience

19 years (and counting) homeschooling


LING 4/581 Anthropological Linguistics: Ethnography


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