Lori Gardner

Lori Gardner

Instructor in Linguistics at Tyndale

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While attending a junior college in California, Lori became a Christian and, together with a friend,  started an InterVarsity Christian Fellowship group. Part of this involvement led her to attend a mission focused conference called Urbana, which God used to direct her to work overseas.

Lori and her husband Bill worked with SIL (a partner organization of Wycliffe Bible Translators) in various countries of Africa for 19 years. Their work in Congo-Brazzaville, Mozambique and Kenya including teaching, book-keeping and encouraging teams to write up people profiles.

Lori and Bill have two sons living in California, each of whom is married with one son. Lori loves studying biblical cultures and anthropology. They are avid hikers and enjoy the beautiful outdoors here in British Columbia. They love being part of the CanIL community and having the opportunity  to work with eager young people as they prepare for the roles God may have for them in Bible translation and minority language development all around the world.

Interesting facts: Lori knows (continental) Portuguese, French, German, Xitsonga, and Swahili. She and Bill have lived in several countries including U.S.A. (35 years), Kenya (9+ years), Mozambique (7+ years), Congo-Brazzaville (2 years), Portugal (18 months), Canada (1 year), and France (6 months).


2007. M.A. in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), Azusa Pacific University
2001. M.A. in Global Civilizations (Missiology), William Carey International University
Summers 1983,85,86. Introductory and Advanced Linguistics, University of North Dakota
Summer 1984. Applied Linguistics, University of Washington, Seattle

Teaching Experience

2014 & 1996. Teaching Assistant for Second Language Acquisition, SIL-University of North Dakota
Summers 2010-13. Trainer, SIL Africa Institute for the Development of Languages and Translation in Africa
2001-09. Lecturer (part-time), Pan Africa Christian University, Nairobi, Kenya
1992-2000. Senior Member, SIL-Mozambique, Maputo, Mozambique
1988-90. Member, SIL-Central Africa Group, Brazzaville, Congo
1981-84. Instructor in Science and Math, Pyramid Lake High School, Nixon, Nevada


LING 4/581 Anthropological Linguistics: Ethnography


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