Dr. Michael Walrod

Dr. Michael Walrod

Associate Professor of Linguistics, Founder of CanIL

Michael R. Walrod earned a diploma at Prairie Bible College, as well as M.A. and Ph.D. at U. of Texas at Arlington, and received an honorary doctorate from TWU in 2005. He has authored two books on Discourse Analysis, as well as many other articles and magazine columns on linguistics, translation, and cross-cultural work. He served as Associate Director for Academic Affairs of SIL Philippines.  He also served on the Board of Directors of Wycliffe Bible Translators of Canada and of Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics (GIAL, Dallas TX), and as Chair of the linguistics department at TWU. Mike was Founder (1987…) and President of the Canada Institute of Linguistics until May 2014. Mike and his wife, Verna, did translation work for two decades in the Ga’dang language, Philippines. The New Testament has since been published in Ga’dang, and more than a dozen vibrant churches have been established. Mike and Verna are in regular contact with the Ga’dang church leadership.


2005. Doctor of Christian Ministries, Honoris Causa, Trinity Western University.

1983. Ph.D. Linguistics, University of Texas at Arlington

1977. M.A. Linguistics, University of Texas at Arlington

1968. B.Th., Prairie Bible Institute.

Positions Held

1987-present. Associate Professor of Linguistics, Trinity Western University.

1987-2014. President, Canada Institute of Linguistics at Trinity Western University.

1995-2000. Program Director, Master of Applied Linguistics and Exegesis, ACTS Seminary.

1989-1992. Chairman, Wycliffe Bible Translators Canada Annual Conference.

1985-Present. Administrator, CIDA Ga’dang Community Development Project, Philippines.

1986. Chairman, SIL Philippine Branch Biennial Conference.

1986-1988. Executive Committee Chairman, SIL Philippine Branch.

1986-1987. Associate Director, SIL Philippines.

Publications in English

2017. Against all odds: Trinity Western University: 1974 to 2006 – to the praise of His glory. Dr. R. Neil Snider ed. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. p. 291-294.

2012. Walrod, Michael R. Cultural and contextual constraints in translation: can effective meaning-transfer be guaranteed? Proceedings of the Sixth Biennial BT Conference. Dallas: SIL and GIAL. (Expanded version of the plenary lecture presented at the 6th Biennial BT Conference, Dallas GIAL)

2010. Walrod, Michael R. and Jamin R. Pelkey. Four faces, eight places: Elaborate expression, emergent meaning and translation as discourse art. Journal of Translation 6:1: 11-26.

2009. A Christian perspective in linguistics. Downey, Deane, and Stanley Porter (eds.) Christian Worldview and the Academic Disciplines: Crossing the Academy, p. 290-298. Eugene: Pickwick.

2007. Cultural and contextual constraints in communication. Grein, Marion, and Edda Weigand (eds.) Dialogue and Culture, p. 239-256. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

2006. The marker is the message: the influence of discourse markers and particles on textual meaning. Philippine Journal of Linguistics 37:2.100-119.

2006. Language: object or event? The integration of language and life. Love, Nigel (ed.) Language and History: Integrationist Perspectives. London & New York: Routledge.

2004. The role of emotions in normative discourse and persuasion. Weigand, Edda (ed.). Emotion in Dialogic Interaction, p. 211-23. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

1992-5. Frontline communication: overcoming language and culture barriers. Regular column in FrontLINE Christian. Edmonton: Christian News.

1988. Normative discourse and persuasion: an analysis of Ga’dang informal litigation. Linguistic Society of the Philippines Special Monograph 26. Manila: LSP.

1984. Grammatical features of peak in Ga’dang narrative. Papers in Textlinguistics 43:93-112.Hamburg: Helmut Buske.

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1979. Discourse grammar in Ga’dang. SIL/UTA Publications in Linguistics #63. Dallas: SIL.

1978. Three criteria for establishing dialect boundaries. Studies in Philippine Linguistics 2:1:1-35.

1977. Meaning in language: a study in semantics. Research Papers of SIL 1:71-110. Dallas: SIL.

1976. Case in Ga’dang verbal clauses. Papers in Austronesian Linguistics #8. Pacific Linguistics A-46:21-44.


LIN-LING 4/599 Philosophical Perspectives in Linguistics

Has taught classes in Phonology; Language and Society; Syntax and Semantics; Discourse; Intro. to Communications; Intro. to Linguistics; Philosophy of Language.


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