Susan Jeffery


Susan was born and raised in Cornwall, Ontario and became a Christian when she was 23. God’s Word was really central in her coming to faith experience, and so she felt that bringing the Bible to a people group that didn’t have it would be a worthwhile way to spend her life. At the same […]

Shirley Funnell

Personnel Assistant

Shirley became a member of Wycliffe in 1965 (yes, she was recently honored for 50 years of service). After her initial training, she was assigned to work in the Philippines. For two years she was part of the Central Ifugao language project where she learned the language and began constructing a primer to teach adults […]

Gloria Fama

Alumni Relations

Gloria was born the 7th child in a family of all boys. As a result, she loved to climb and throw and play in the great outdoors along with her brothers.  After graduating from high school, Gloria became a teacher and worked for 10 years. She also enjoyed serving in her church, investing in the lives of youth through involvement with […]

Ellen Casali


Ellen is one of the two part-time receptionists here at the Canada Institute of Linguistics. She enjoys her work at reception and being the ‘face of CanIL’ to greet and meet students, visitors, faculty, delivery folks, security personnel and others, and cheerfully answering and redirecting phone calls. Ellen also interacts with our student alumni who […]

Leigh Labrecque

Assistant Professor

Leigh and his wife Barbara and I have had an ongoing relationship with CanIL ever since 1991, when Leigh first came as a single student during the summer course set. It was there that he developed an interest in Linguistics, and specifically how it facilitates Bible Translation work. After marrying Barbara, who was likewise interested […]

Larry Hayashi

Assistant Professor of Linguistics

Larry counts it a privilege to work with highly motivated young people who want to serve in a variety of language development roles around the world. His interest in linguistics was sparked while studying biology. He found the two fields very similar in terms of their examination of form or structure and the functions of […]

Dr. William Gardner

Assistant Professor of Linguistics at Tyndale

Bill has lived almost half of his life outside of North America. He became a Christian during high school in the Philippines through a Baptist missionary after having read C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity. He initially studied Electrical Engineering at university, then worked for five years with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. It was during this time that he […]

Wanda Davies

Instructor in Linguistics

Wanda’s career with Wycliffe Bible Translators began in Mexico over 50 years ago! After 10 years involvement in a language development program in a Chinantec language, Wanda earned her M.A. in Linguistics from the University of Texas at Arlington. After that, she transferred to the new work in Sudan and spent 28 years with the […]


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