Randy Lebold

Randy Lebold

Assistant VP Academic Affairs, BA Linguistics Program Director, Assistant Professor of Linguistics

Randy Lebold spent two years living and working in Indonesia, first learning Indonesian and then doing sociolinguistic survey with SIL among the minority language communities in the province of Papua. After returning to live in Canada in early 2006, Randy continued to support the work of sociolinguistic survey in Papua by working remotely and taking short trips to Indonesia. During this time his energies were focused primarily on training national language surveyors and on survey report writing.  Randy began teaching at CanIL in the fall of 2009.

Randy is grateful for the opportunity to work at CanIL. He loves designing curriculum, teaching, and interacting with the wonderful students that come to CanIL. It is a thrill for him to see students develop a passion for linguistics and to hear about how they plan to use their knowledge and skills to serve God all over the world. It is a joy to be involved in such a key aspect of the overall vision to see all people engaging with God’s Word in their own language. Randy also loves being a part of the CanIL community life, especially the volleyball!

Interesting facts: Besides Canada, Randy and his family have lived in the USA and Indonesia. He speaks Indonesian (level 3), French (level 1), Tok Pisin (level 1) … oh yes, and English too.


2017-present. PhD Candidate, Educational Studies, Biola University, California

2002. Master of Applied Linguistics and Exegesis, Trinity Western University – ACTS Seminary

2001. B.Th., Emmanuel Bible College, double major in Bible/Theology and Cross-Cultural Missions, First Class Honours, Pi Alpha Mu Award


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LING 101 Introduction to Linguistics
LING 360 Morphosyntax I
LING-LIN 566 Principles of Sociolinguistic Survey


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