Ryan Kopke

Ryan Kopke

Instructor in Linguistics

Ryan is passionate about engaging others in worshipping God and about working to ensure people have the Bible in their language. He earnestly desires everyone to know God personally.
He met his wife, Jordan, interning for Pioneer Bible Translators in 2011 and joined that same year.  After they completed their training at CanIL, they served in Vanuatu. There he taught Greek, New Testament Exegesis and translation to mother tongue translators from four different language groups. He also served as an exegetical and translation advisor.
Ryan enjoys being on the ocean, trail running, hiking and spending time with his family.


BA Intercultural Studies, emphasis in TESOL, Biola University
Master of Applied Linguistics and Exegesis, Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary at Trinity Western University


LING-101 Introduction to Linguistics
LING-599 Philosophical Perspectives in Linguistics

Research Interests

philosophy of language and translation, semiotics, Greek


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