Shirley Funnell

Shirley Funnell

Personnel Assistant

Shirley became a member of Wycliffe in 1965 (yes, she was recently honored for 50 years of service). After her initial training, she was assigned to work in the Philippines. For two years she was part of the Central Ifugao language project where she learned the language and began constructing a primer to teach adults literacy skills. Then, the Philippines SIL administration asked her to leave that project and take over the management of the Publications department for the Branch which published scripture and literacy materials, which she did for many years. Finally, in  2006, Shirley returned to Canada and joined the staff at CanIL.

Shirley enjoys serving as assistant to the Personnel Director and assistant to the Vice President of Development. Her work with the financial aid program has been especially rewarding as she interacts with students and helps them receive financial assistance to continue pursuing their studies, often finishing their education debt free.

Interesting facts: Shirley lived many years in the Philippines, and is conversant in Central Ifugao. She has lived and worked in both Canada and the USA as well.


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