MSKLC Keyboard layout for “IPA Unicode 5.0c (ver. 1.0) MSK”

Consonants Bilabial Labio-
Dental Alveolar Post-
Palatal Velar Uvular Pharyngeal Glottal
vl. Plosive p p     t&[ t t     ʈ <t c c k k q q     ʔ =?
voiced b b     d&[ d d     ɖ <d ɟ =j ɡ <g ɢ =G        
Nasal m m ɱ >m n&[ n n     ɳ <n ɲ =n ŋ >n ɴ =N        
Trill ʙ =B         r r                 ʀ =R        
Flap       <v      ɾ >r     ɽ <r                    
vl. fric. ɸ =f f f θ =t s s ʃ =s ʂ <s ç =c x x χ =x ħ >h h h
voiced β =b v v ð =d z z ʒ =z ʐ <z ʝ <j ɣ =g ʁ >R ʕ <? ɦ <h
vl. Lateral fric.             ɬ =l                            
voiced             ɮ >l                            
Approx.     ʋ =v     ɹ =r     ɻ <R j j ɰ >w            
Lateral Approx.         l&{ l l     ɭ <l ʎ <L ʟ =L            
Implosive ɓ >b         ɗ >d         ʄ >j ɠ >g ʛ >G        

^h Aspirated 1 &[ Dental
^w Labialised &] Apical
^j Palatalised &{ Laminal
#g Velarised &} Linguo-labial
#? Pharyngealised ë @" Centralised
ⁿk ^n Pre/post nasalised @+ Mid centralised
^l Lateral release k͡p &# Double
articulation /
affricate 2
@~ Nasalised &+ Advanced
ɫ ~l Velar/Pharyngealised &_ Retracted
|[ Rhoticity &6 Raised
>' Ejective &7 Lowered
|] Unreleased &8 +ATR
&| Syllabic &9 -ATR
&* Non-syllabic &) More rounded
&~ Creaky &( Less rounded
&% Voiceless @% Voiceless above
&5 Voiced      
&" Breathy      

Vowels Front Central Back
  unrd. rd. unrd. rd. unrd. rd.
Close i i y y ɨ =I ʉ =U ɯ =u u u
Near-close ɪ =i ʏ =y             ʊ <u
Close-mid e e ø >o ɘ =E ɵ =O ɤ >O o o
Mid           ə =e          
Open-mid ɛ <e œ <E ɜ >e ɞ <O ʌ >u ɔ <o
Near-open æ <a       ɐ >a          
Open a a ɶ >E         ɑ =a ɒ =o
1 The following characters can be superscripted with ^ or #:
⁰¹²³⁴⁵⁶⁷⁸⁹⁻ˤˀᵇᵝᶜᶝᵈᶞᶠᵍᶢˠʰʱᶣʲᶨᶡᵏˡᶩᶫᵐᶬⁿᶮᵑᶯᶰᵖ ᶲʳʴʵʶˢᶳᶴᵗᶭᵛᶹʷˣᶻᶽᶼᶾᶿᵃᵄᵅᶛᵆᵉᵊᵋᶟⁱᶤᶦᵒᶱᵓᵘᶶʸᵚᶺᶷ
Retroflex hooks may be added to: a ɑ ɗ e ɛ ɜ ə i ɔ ʃ u ʒ
Palatal hooks my be added to: b d f g k l m n p r s ʃ v x z
2 Typed between the characters. Thus: k&#p
If some of the characters on this page are not visible or show only as a box, you need a font such as Doulos SIL.
This page differs from the Keyman page in that the keystroke modifiers are typed before the main character not after it.

Suprasegmentals Diacritic tone
Tone Letters &
=: Long @4 Extra high ˥ #4 Extra high
<: Half long é @3 High ˦ #3 High
eːː =:=: Extra long ē @2 Mid ˧ #2 Mid
ĕ @* Extra short è @1 Low ˨ #1 Low
ˈ >| Primary stress ȅ @0 Extra low ˩ #0 Extra low
ˌ <| Secondary stress ê @^ Falling ˥˩ #4#0 Falling
. . Syllable break ě @5 Rising ˩˥ #0#4 Rising
| <. Minor group: foot e᷄  @6  High rising ˧˥ #2#4 High rising
=. Major group e᷅  @7 Low rising  ˩˧ #0#2 Low rising
=# Linking - no break e᷈ @[  Rising-falling ˨˥˨ #1#4#1 Rising-falling
#} Rising intonation e᷆ @8  Mid falling      
#{ Falling intonation  e᷇ @9  Mid rising ˧˩ #2#0 Low falling 
↓  #[ Downstep  e᷉ @]  Falling-rising ˥˧ #4#2 High falling
↑  #] Upstep            

Assorted Consonants
ʍ =w Vl. Labial-Velar Approx. ʘ =p Bilabial click
w w Vd. Labial-Velar Approx. ǀ <! Dental click
ɥ =h Vl. Labial-Palatal Approx. ǃ ! (Post-)alveolar click
ɕ <c Vl. alveolopalatal fric. ǂ =! Palatoalveolar click
ʑ >z Vd. alveolopalatal fric. ǁ >! Alveolar lateral click
ɧ >H Simultaneous S and x ʡ =Q Vd. epiglottal Plosive
ɺ >L Vd. alveolar lateral flap ʜ =H Vl. epiglottal fric.
      ʢ <Q Vd. epiglottal fric.

Tone numbers & pitch contours (non-IPA)
         =1 to =9 Level pitch contours from 1 to 9
¹²³⁴⁵⁶⁷⁸⁹⁰ ^1 to ^0 superscript number
^- superscript hyphen