MSKLC Keyboard layout for “IPA Unicode 5.0c (ver. 1.0) MSK”

Consonants Bilabial Labio-
Dental Alveolar Post-
Palatal Velar Uvular Pharyngeal Glottal
vl. Plosive p p     t&[ t t     ʈ <t c c k k q q     ʔ =?
voiced b b     d&[ d d     ɖ <d ɟ =j ɡ <g ɢ =G        
Nasal m m ɱ >m n&[ n n     ɳ <n ɲ =n ŋ >n ɴ =N        
Trill ʙ =B         r r                 ʀ =R        
Flap       <v      ɾ >r     ɽ <r                    
vl. Fricative ɸ =f f f θ =t s s ʃ =s ʂ <s ç =c x x χ =x ħ >h h h
voiced β =b v v ð =d z z ʒ =z ʐ <z ʝ <j ɣ =g ʁ >R ʕ <? ɦ <h
vl. Lateral Fricative             ɬ =l                            
voiced             ɮ >l                            
Approx.     ʋ =v     ɹ =r     ɻ <R j j ɰ >w            
Lateral Approx.         l&{ l l     ɭ <l ʎ <L ʟ =L            
Implosive ɓ >b         ɗ >d         ʄ >j ɠ >g ʛ >G        
Assorted Consonants
ʍ =w Vl. Labial-Velar Approximant ʘ =p Bilabial click
w w Vd. Labial-Velar Approximant ǀ <! Dental click
ɥ =h Vl. Labial-Palatal Approximant ǃ ! (Post-)alveolar click
ɕ <c Vl. alveolopalatal fricative ǂ =! Palatoalveolar click
ʑ >z Vd. alveolopalatal fricative ǁ >! Alveolar lateral click
ɧ >H Simultaneous S and x ʡ =Q Vd. epiglottal Plosive
ɺ >L Vd. alveolar lateral flap ʜ =H Vl. epiglottal fricative
      ʢ <Q Vd. epiglottal fricative
^h Aspirated 1 &[ Dental
^w Labialised &] Apical
^j Palatalised &{ Laminal
#g Velarised &} Linguo-labial
#? Pharyngealised ë @" Centralised
ⁿk ^n Pre/post nasalised @+ Mid centralised
^l Lateral release k͡p &# Double
articulation /
affricate 2
@~ Nasalised &+ Advanced
ɫ ~l Velar/Pharyngealised &_ Retracted
|[ Rhoticity &6 Raised
>' Ejective &7 Lowered
|] Unreleased &8 +ATR
&| Syllabic &9 -ATR
&* Non-syllabic &) More rounded
&~ Creaky &( Less rounded
&% Voiceless      
&5 Voiced      
&" Breathy      

Tone numbers & pitch contours (non-IPA)
         =1 to =9 Level pitch contours
from 1 to 9
¹²³⁴⁵⁶⁷⁸⁹⁰ ^1 to ^0 superscript number
^- superscript hyphen
Vowels Front Central Back
unrd. rd. unrd. rd. unrd. rd.
Close i i y y ɨ =I ʉ =U ɯ =u u u
Near-close ɪ =i ʏ =y             ʊ <u
Close-mid e e ø >o ɘ =E ɵ =O ɤ >O o o
Mid           ə =e          
Open-mid ɛ <e œ <E ɜ >e ɞ <O ʌ >u ɔ <o
Near-open æ <a       ɐ >a          
Open a a ɶ >E         ɑ =a ɒ =o

Footnotes: 1 The following characters can be superscripted with ^ or #:
⁰¹²³⁴⁵⁶⁷⁸⁹⁻ˤˀᵇᵝᶜᶝᵈᶞᶠᵍᶢˠʰʱᶣʲᶨᶡᵏˡᶩᶫᵐᶬⁿᶮᵑᶯᶰᵖ ᶲʳʴʵʶˢᶳᶴᵗᶭᵛᶹʷˣᶻᶽᶼᶾᶿᵃᵄᵅᶛᵆᵉᵊᵋᶟⁱᶤᶦᵒᶱᵓᵘᶶʸᵚᶺᶷ
Retroflex hooks may be added to: a ɑ ɗ e ɛ ɜ ə i ɔ ʃ u ʒ
Palatal hooks my be added to: b d f g k l m n p r s ʃ v x z
2 Typed between the characters. Thus: k&#p
If some of the characters on this page are not visible or show only as a box, you need a font such as Doulos SIL.
This page differs from the Keyman page in that most modifiers are typed before the main character not after it.
Suprasegmentals Diacritic tone
Tone Letters &
=: Long @4 Extra high ˥ #4 Extra high
<: Half long é @3 High ˦ #3 High
eːː =:=: Extra long ē @2 Mid ˧ #2 Mid
ĕ @* Extra short è @1 Low ˨ #1 Low
ˈ >| Primary stress ȅ @0 Extra low ˩ #0 Extra low
ˌ <| Second. stress ê @^ Falling ˥˩ #4#0 Falling
. . Syllable break ě @5 Rising ˩˥ #0#4 Rising
| <. Minor group:foot e᷄  @6  High rising ˧˥ #2#4 High rising
=. Major group e᷅  @7 Low rising  ˩˧ #0#2 Low rising
=# Linking-no break e᷈ @[  Rising-falling ˨˥˨ #1#4#1 Rising-falling
#} Rising inton. e᷆ @8  Mid falling      
#{ Falling inton.  e᷇ @9  Mid rising ˧˩ #2#0 Low falling 
↓  #[ Downstep  e᷉ @]  Falling-rising ˥˧ #4#2 High falling
↑  #] Upstep