Application for Summer 2019 and other semesters

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you here! Please expand each of the sections below and follow the steps to apply for Summer 2019 or any of the training tracks. For degree applications please refer to this link.

1. Review admission requirements

Here is a list of our summer admission requirements. Exceptions may be made under certain circumstances.

  • Two years of post-secondary training (college, university, etc.)
  • GPA of 2.7
  • If English is a second language, a TOEFL score of 570 (230 computer-based or 88 internet-based) or an IELTS score of 6.5 across all bands.
  • There are additional / more stringent admission requirements for the graduate degree programs. Refer to the links below.

2. Fill in and submit application form by deadline

START THE APPLICATION PROCESS TODAY! There are a number of additional processes such as submission of transcripts, acquiring a study visa, etc. that may be necessary. Earlier applications receive priority on financial aid.

The link to our secure application form is below.

Summer@CanIL 2019

The Summer@CanIL 2019 classes will run from Monday, June 10 – Friday, August 9.

  • Dorm move-in is Saturday, June 8
  • Student orientation and welcome dinner is June 9 at 5pm
  • Dorm move-out is Saturday, August 10.

Please check the full calendar of dates for the summer using the Summer calendar menu item.

Application Deadlines

CanIL reviews applications in three batches (end of November, January, and March).

  1. First batch deadline: November 30th for application and supporting documents. Accepted students will be notified within two weeks.
  2. Second batch deadline: January 31st for application and supporting documents. Accepted students will be notified within two weeks.
  3. Third batch deadline: March 31st for application and supporting documents. Accepted students will be notified within two weeks.

Due to a high number of applications, we encourage you to get your application and supporting documents in as soon as possible.

The Application Form

The link below takes you to our secure application form. There is a $35 CAD non-refundable application fee that can be paid online via Paypal or credit card that can be paid at the end of the application form.

CanIL Application Form

3. Fill in and submit financial aid form

If you are planning to study just for the summer program or a two semester training track, you can fill out the financial aid application form using the links below.

Normally, we recommend that you wait until you have been accepted by the admissions committee before filling out the financial aid application (takes 20-30 minutes to fill out). However, if you are applying for this summer, and it is past March 15,  fill in the financial aid form now just to save time and ensure that you make the financial aid deadline for summer (April 15).

Deadlines – Early applications are given priority and facilitate visa processes, etc. for international students. Get your application in as soon as possible!

The following links will take you to our secure financial aid form site.

Click here to apply for Financial Aid

Married students (both taking CanIL courses) must complete the main financial aid application (above) as well as the spouse application.

Click here to apply for Spouse Financial Aid

For a list of all CanIL financial aid opportunities, click here.