FamilySome of the students and staff attending Summer@CanIL are parents with children. Children are a wonderful addition to the community summer experience!

Each summer has different needs depending on the number and age of children, and the number of parents who are taking courses. For some families, one parent attends classes while the other parent cares for the children. In other families, both parents attend classes.

We encourage families who are for more than just one summer to settle into housing off-campus to reduce the number of living transitions. For families who are here just for the summer, we attempt to secure apartments on campus. The sooner we know that you are coming, the more likely we are able to find on-campus housing.

CanIL encourages families with children to arrange course schedules such that the children can be supervised by one parent while the other parent is in class. Families have effectively formed cooperative arrangements in order to care for the children at CanIL and allow time for classes and studying. We encourage you to interact with our Admissions Coordinator if you have any questions and also to find out if other families might be coming to CanIL. Other families may want to share in cooperative child care.

CanIL has some resources including art supplies, children’s books, toys, bikes, etc. that can be used in cooperative arrangements between families. The Harvest Centre where classes are held provides a small nursery room suitable for young children. It is equipped with a variety of useful items:

  • Books
  • Toys
  • Games
  • A VCR system with children’s videos
  • Washroom
  • Changing Table
  • Microwave
  • Small Refrigerator

The campus at Trinity Western University also has several fields, a pond and beautiful wooded areas for nature walks and enjoying the beautiful B.C. weather and scenery. Historic Fort Langley is close by as well as a number of community libraries. Day camps, sports camps, vacation Bible schools are held throughout the summer in nearby communities.