Important Dates

For Summer@CanIL participants who are considering entering a degree program in the fall, please note all of the important deadlines listed below.

    • February 28: TWU Financial Aid deadline for students planning to enter the B.A. Ling program this Fall
    • April 30 Summer@CanIL Financial Aid Application Deadline
    • April 30: Summer@CanIL Application Deadline (get your application as soon as possible – early applicants receive priority on financial aid).
    • May 1: ACTS Financial Aid deadline for students planning to register for the MLE program this Fall
    • July 15: CanIL Financial Aid Application Deadline for students continuing in Fall

Summer@CanIL Calendar 2017

Begin and start dates are established for 2017. Outings and events between those dates are tentative.

  • June 10-11: (Sat.-Sun.) All students arrive
  • June 11: (Sun.) 5:00pm Welcome dinner and orientation (families and children welcome)
  • June 12: (Mon.) Classes begin
  • June 13: (Tue.) 11:25am Opening Chapel
  • June 17: (Sat.) Brunch and Golden Ears
  • June 24:(Sat.) White Rock outing
  • July 1: (Sat.) Canada Day
  • July 3: (Mon.) Canada Day observed (no classes)
  • July 7-9 :(Fri afternoon-Sun.) Squamish Camp-out weekend
  • July 14 or 15: TBA (Fri or Sat) Staff-hosted skit night
  • July 21: (Fri) 2:30 Graduate Program Information Seminar
  • July 23: (Sun)  Heart-Language Ride
  • July 29: (Sat) Heart-Language Ride Celebration
  • August 5: (Sat) Student-hosted talent night
  • August 7: (Mon) BC Day Holiday (no classes)
  • August 11: (Fri) Some final exams, Finale Lunch & Last day of classes
  • We highly recommend that you plan to stay until the late afternoon to make sure that you are present for any final exams that are scheduled on the last day. Final exam rescheduling is difficult and costs $100 per exam.
    There is a farewell finale luncheon at noon on the last Friday – please plan on staying for it for good closure to the summer!
  • August 12: (Sat.) Check out of dorms by noon