Important Dates for Summer 2021

For Summer@CanIL participants considering a degree program for the Fall, please note the important deadlines listed below:

    • February 28: TWU Financial Aid deadline for students planning to enter the B.A. Ling program in Fall 2021;
    • April 15: Summer@CanIL Financial Aid application deadline;
    • May 1: ACTS Financial Aid deadline for students planning to register for the MALT program in Fall 2021;
    • May 15: Application Deadline
      • We encourage you to submit your application and supporting documents as early as possible, preferably by January 31st;
      • Applicants not from Canada should plan extra application time for documents such as TOEFL, transcripts, passports and visas.
    • July 15: CanIL Financial Aid application deadline for students continuing in the Fall semester.

Summer@CanIL Calendar, June 14-August 14, 2021

Begin and start dates are established for 2021. Outings and events between those dates are tentative.

    • May 31: Tuition payment deadline

      • June 11: Staff team building and orientation (starting at 10:00am)
      • June 12-13: Students arrive (assuming we are on-campus)

      • June 14: (Monday) Classes begin
      • June 14:  Opening Chapel, 11:30am
      • June 16/17: Last Add date for Monday or Tuesday classes
      • June 25: Last Drop date (no fee is charged for any drop between the first day of class and this day)
      • July 1: (Thursday) Canada Day. No classes.
      • July 7/9/12: Withdrawal date (no grade assigned) for Phonetics/other LING courses/Phonology. No refunds.
      • July 17: Staff-hosted skit and talent event
      • July 26/28/30: Late Withdrawal date with grade: Withdraw Pass or Withdraw Fail in GPA calculations.
      • July 31: Student-hosted talent event
      • August 2: (Monday) BC Day Holiday. No classes.
      • August 14: (Friday) Some final exams, Finale event, last day of classes.