CanIL Launch Overview

CanIL’s ultimate impact is made when communities are transformed through engaging with God’s Word in their heart language. The only way we can succeed in achieving our mission is through you! That means we are invested in your success, not only as a student but also in your deployment to the mission field with a Bible translation organization. Anything that gets in the way of our shared mission fulfillment has our attention!

When your time at CanIL is finished and you’re ready to join (or rejoin) a language project, two things that can slow you down are debt, and raising your monthly support. For years, we have operated a robust financial aid program to help students circumvent, reduce, or eliminate debt. Equally important is the ministry of raising ongoing support. Our desire to help equip you in this vital area has led to CanIL Launch, addressing the distinct needs of two subsets of students: those anticipating a field assignment (PreLaunch); and those returning to a field assignment (ReLaunch).


PreLaunch is an individually mentored journey intended to provide early exposure to the fundamentals of Partnership Development for students who declare an interest in a first-time field assignment with a Bible translation organization, and who expect therefore to be relationally funded. Many grants and awards at CanIL are available only to PreLaunch students, as a means of ensuring debt does not impede their timely transition to field work. PreLaunch helps students establish a core ministry team, build foundational church partnerships, understand the essentials of fundraising, and share their ministry vision through a compellingly written newsletter. These are significant steps toward launching well into a field assignment within the global Bible translation movement.


ReLaunch invites returning students who are already relationally-funded workers in the global Bible translation movement to join CanIL Launch as peer mentors to PreLaunch students. Participating in ReLaunch establishes eligibility for a new grant program at CanIL: the Ministry Team Matching Grant (MTMG). The MTMG program is built on the model of our Church Matching Grant (CMG).

To learn more about CanIL Launch, please request a copy of the Student Guide from our Admissions team, or contact Lezlie Allison, Launch Director ( Please note:

  1. We do not register students for CanIL Launch prior to their acceptance into full-time studies at CanIL.
  2. Each year, the application deadline for new students entering CanIL Launch is September 30th.
  3. BA LING students may apply to CanIL Launch only as they anticipate starting year 3 or 4 of their undergraduate program.