BA in Linguistics at Tyndale

Step 1: Apply to Tyndale University.

CanIL offers a BA LING program through Tyndale University. Tyndale also offers students the option of pursuing the Bible Translation Concentration stream as part of their BA in Linguistics. Click the button below to apply to Tyndale University, or email if you have questions you’d like to ask first. Be sure to select “Undergraduate” as your application type, “Bachelor of Arts (BA)” as the degree you are interested in, and “Linguistics” or “Linguistics - Bible Translation” as the field you would like to study.

Step 2: Once accepted, apply for CanIL Financial Aid!

When you become a linguistics student at Tyndale University, you also become part of the CanIL community! At CanIL, we are committed to supporting all of our students through bursaries and other awards. So, in addition to Tyndale financial aid, you are eligible to apply for CanIL financial aid for every linguistics course you take. This could start as soon as your first semester, when you take LING 101: Introduction to Linguistics. The CanIL financial aid deadline for Fall 2023 is July 15, 2023.

*Applications submitted after the deadline will be considered as space allows, but applying by the deadline  puts students on track to apply for all available financial aid, submit supporting documentation, and deal with travel or immigration logistics in a timely manner.