Master of Arts in Linguistics & Translation (MALT) Application Steps

Step 1: Apply for prerequisite courses.

These four courses (or qualifying equivalents) are required for the MALT:

LING 210: Language & Society
LING 310: Articulatory Phonetics
LING 330: Phonological Analysis
LING 360: Morphosyntax I

You are not automatically exempted from prerequisite courses if you have taken prior linguistics courses. Please contact if you wish to be considered for an exemption.

The Summer@CanIL program is the ideal time to take these courses, allowing a fall start to your MALT program.  The application deadline for Summer 2023 is April 30, 2023. Click the button below to apply for the Summer@CanIL program, or email if you have questions you’d like to ask before applying.

Step 2: Apply to the MALT program.

CanIL’s MALT program is offered through ACTS Seminaries. Click the button below to go to the ACTS Seminaries (via TWU) application page.  Be sure to select “ACTS Seminaries” as your level of study and “Master of Arts in Linguistics and Translation” as your program of interest. The application deadline for Fall 2023 is May 1, 2023.*

*Applications submitted after the deadline will be considered as space allows, but applying by the deadline  puts students on track to apply for all available financial aid, submit supporting documentation, and deal with travel or immigration logistics in a timely manner.


How long is the program? 3 years
How many semester hours? 52 total hours
What are the prerequisites? 4 foundational courses at CanIL (or qualifying equivalents). *(BA in Linguistics NOT required)

What is the current cost? $536 per semester hour
How much does an average semester cost? $4,824 (9 semester hours)

How much financial aid is available? Every MALT student is eligible for the $3000 Entrance Award and the CanIL Bursary of $500 for each linguistics course. Launch awards are given to approved eligible students in the form of Church Matching Grants / Ministry Team Grants and Ministry Boost Awards. These can total up to $15,000.