Living in Canada as an International Student


At CanIL East (Tyndale University in Toronto, ON), students live together in dormitories on campus.  At CanIL West, Trinity Western University only has housing available for Undergraduate students, not Graduate or Casual Studies students. However, during the Summer (outside the regular academic year), CanIL typically rents dorm space from TWU so that our Summer@CanIL students may live together in community. This includes undergraduate students, graduate students, and families (in 1- or 2-bedroom apartments). During the regular academic year (Fall & Spring), Graduate and Casual Studies students at CanIL West are responsible to find their own housing. Both CanIL and Trinity Western University have “bulletin-board” webpages where students and landlords post housing opportunities. These weblinks are available to students who have already applied and been accepted to a CanIL West program. Contact for more information.


As an international student, you can work in Canada while you are studying without obtaining a separate work permit IF your study permit indicates that you are allowed to work on-campus or work off-campus. You will need to obtain a Social Insurance Number (SIN) in Canada, which is required for employment. 

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