Doctor of Ministry

Bible Translation Specialization

The Doctor of Ministry program is designed to be completed in three or four years of study while you remain in your ministry context.

Doctor of Ministry: Bible Translation Specialization

ACTS Seminaries has established a Doctor of Ministry (DMin) degree program and, in partnership with Canada Institute of Linguistics, is now offering an additional area of study: Bible Translation. The DMin degree provides mentored reflection on God and the scriptures as the foundation of ministry. It helps build character and spiritual health among ministry leaders and enables the candidate to apply training within the global Bible Translation ministry context. Candidates will consider “the advanced practice of ministry” with other senior ministry leaders under the supervision and mentorship of faculty members who all have significant experience in ministry.



Meet once per year in the fall for on-campus mentored peer learning with ACTS faculty and fellow students. The three key themes of the DMin program – God and Theology, Leadership and Context, Mission and Community – are woven through the Mindset event and help structure the work you do throughout the year. This element is offered fully by ACTS faculty and staff.


Explore topics relevant to your chosen specialty area, and the core DMin themes, through independent study. Here you will engage with your faculty mentor and fellow students on a regular basis to develop shared resources that connect the Mindset topics and your research project. This element comprises six topics, some of which are offered by CanIL, and the remainder by ACTS.


Spend eight days embedded with innovative ministry organizations. Each spring you will join your classmates and faculty mentors in a select Canadian or international location to immerse yourself in a unique local ministry and dialogue with their leaders. This element is offered fully by CanIL faculty and staff.


Design a major research project to advance your understanding of your chosen area of study and increase your ministry capacity and competence. You start developing your project right from the start of your studies, to maximize the integration of your research with the rest of your program. This element is overseen by a CanIL faculty supervisor.

* The Doctor of Ministry program is designed to be completed in three or four years of study while you remain in your ministry context. This degree is granted conjointly by Trinity Western University and the seminary (at ACTS Seminaries) in which the student is enrolled.


Interested candidates should review the complete Doctor of Ministry program details on the ACTS website, following which inquiries about the DMin (BT) specialty may be directed to the CanIL Admissions Team. In addition to the financial assistance available through ACTS Scholarships & Bursaries, qualified CanIL candidates are eligible for a 50% tuition subsidy. For more details, see Financial Aid. Scroll down the page to “Awards for DMin (BT) Students”.