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100% of donations directed to our Awards Fund are used to provide support to our students.

Our Impact

100% of donations directed to our Awards Fund are used to provide support to our students.

Many minority communities around the world find language issues to be at the heart of the poverty and discrimination they face. People’s heart language is an integral part of their identity as a community, but may have little influence in alleviating poverty, securing just treatment or improving their quality of life.  At Canada Institute of Linguistics, we believe that linguistics, when applied, can assist minority-language communities to use their languages to meet life’s challenges.

With training from field-experienced faculty, CanIL alumni serve around the world to assist minority-language communities in the development of their languages. In partnership with governments, churches, and NGOs, community-based language-development projects can make a huge difference. Previously illiterate communities can have an alphabet, books of their own, and sustainable literacy. Villages, where no school existed before, can have schools for their children. Multilingual education can lead to deep and pervasive change. Health organizations can develop materials that help curb the advance of AIDS and other diseases. Churches can begin using Scriptures translated into the heart language of the people.

CanIL Awards funds are distributed directly to qualifying students to assist with tuition and other expenses while in a CanIL study program. Your gift enables CanIL students to graduate with reduced debt, and in some cases, no debt.

Why is that important? Many agencies, including Wycliffe Bible Translators and SIL International, will only allow applicants to join and commence a field assignment if they are carrying a very limited amount of debt. With the help of our various awards, CanIL students are able to keep their debt low, which in turn allows them to begin transforming lives and impacting communities sooner!

Though your generous support of CanIL’s mission, you can know that you’ve partnered with future Bible translators, literacy specialists, and trainers, to bring hope to people in minority-language communities on virtually every continent. And, of course, a well-planned gift can also benefit your financial and tax situation, often right away.

Our Commitment

Your generous financial support given to our Awards Fund is used to directly assist qualifying students with their tuition and other expenses while in a CanIL study program. CanIL can say that 100% of each contribution will be used as designated because we do not withhold any assessment whatsoever on these funds. Even transaction fees for online giving are covered by our Operations budget so the full amount of your gift can go directly to students, with special designations for those training to serve in Bible translation and its related ministries.

In keeping with our policy of financial transparency, we offer donors the option to stay up-to-date with our CanIL Annual Report. Find out how many students took CanIL courses, how many graduates there were from each program, read accounts from alumni in the field, and see how finances were distributed during the reporting year. The Annual Report and the annual audited financial statements are available upon request.

In the case of special funding projects, it is understood that when the funding requirement for such a project has been met, or cannot be completed for any reason, the remaining restricted contributions will be used where needed most, as determined by CanIL.

Canada Institute of Linguistics (CanIL) is a registered Canadian charitable organization.
(CRA Registration # 890866122 RR0001).

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