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CanIL West – Canada Institute of Linguistics Harvest Centre

The Harvest Centre building, which contains our classrooms, a specialized computer lab, a dedicated linguistic library, a common room, offices, and other student resources, is situated in the picturesque Fraser Valley of British Columbia. Mountains, rivers, ocean, skiing, and hiking are all within one hour’s drive of our campus. We enjoy a close, family-like community, where students and faculty regularly interact over shared meals, colloquia, movie nights, sports activities, camping, game nights—and of course, academics. For more information about our campus life, go to our community page.

CanIL West at Trinity Western University

Our CanIL West campus is situated in British Columbia, Canada, on the campus of Trinity Western University. This relationship allows us to offer well-rounded, globally-recognized and accredited BA Ling and MA Ling degree programs.

We are also situated next door to ACTS Seminaries (Associated Canadian Theological Schools). This relationship allows us to offer a number of Bible and Biblical language courses for those who are interested in using their degree in a ministry setting.

CanIL East at Tyndale University

Our CanIL East campus has been established through a formal relationship with Tyndale University in Toronto, Ontario where we offer undergraduate training in Linguistics. We have several staff members on campus at Tyndale who offer face-to-face classes and also facilitate other linguistic courses by extension.

We also have working relationships with many other schools and colleges throughout the world that allow students to take classes with us for one or more semesters then transfer those credits back to their school, towards the completion of their degree program. Contact us to find out how our courses can be added to your study program.

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